6 new features you’ll have in Guestlist.ph very soon [sneak preview]

You might be wondering why we’ve been very silent for the past couple of months. The answer is because we are currently in the process of making the whole Guestlist.ph experience better for all you party people.


Do you want to know what’s keeping us silent and busy? Here’s an exclusive preview of what you’ll be getting soon from us.

1. Guestlist.ph Android App


Yup, we know. We’ve been talking about this for months now and still we haven’t released it yet. We understand your frustration and we are working hard to release is as soon as possible. But don’t you worry, it’s going to come out very soon. How soon? This April. We promise! Just keep calm a little bit more, we’re almost done.


2. Gold VIP Membership


Since we’ve launched the VIP Membership in iOS last February, everyone has been raving about the Gold VIP Membership. You’ll be having what you’ve all been waiting for in the palm of your hands very soon because the Gold VIP Membership will come out along with our Android App! Now you can go to all the clubs in the South (Fort, Makati and Pasay) without having to guest list (even after the guest list cutoff) and get your friends in for FREE as well. You’ll be able to get free drinks as well every week from us!

Here’s a bonus: We’ll be launching it for a promo price as well for the first few weeks!


3. VIP Nights


You might be wondering what the heck the VIP Nights are for. Well it’s simple, it’s the night where all the Guestlist.ph VIP members get free drinks from us every week. We’ve been doing the Silver VIP nights in the clubs in Quezon City lately and with the addition of the Gold VIP Membership, people will be able to get free drinks from us as well every week in the clubs in the south.

So what else is there during VIP Nights? Basically if you go to one, we’ll make sure that you have an amazing time because you’ll get to party with the Guestlist.ph Team and we’ll make sure that you have an amazing time.

To find out where our VIP Nights will happen every week, just check out the site or your app. Also, when you’re a VIP member; we’ll notify you when the VIP Night would be this week so don’t worry.


4. More Venues 


Tired of going to the same clubs over and over again? We feel you. Don’t worry though because we are partnering with new clubs in the next few months not just here in Manila but also in other big cities in the country. So when you happen to be out of town, you won’t have to worry about getting on the guest list of clubs there. We gotcha!


5. Table Reservations and Bottle Service


Pretty soon, Guestlist.ph is not just going to be a platform for getting on the guest list of clubs in the Philippines; you will also have the ability to book your tables and buy drinks in advance from your favorite bars and drinking hotspots. The advantage of doing it with us is you get exclusive deals and discounts that you can’t get anywhere else. What do you need to do to get this? Just have your Party ID.


6. Platinum VIP Membership


Tired of having to worry if you have tickets for the next big DJ coming to town? Don’t worry because when you’re a Platinum VIP, you can go to all the clubs in Guestlist.ph any time plus get access to exclusive parties that you usually have to have tickets for. The Platinum VIP Membership also comes with a Concierge service that would assist you in all your concerns and plans going out. This is your ultimate VIP experience.


We are very excited about the next few months as we release more awesome features in Guestlist.ph and our iOS and Android App. Don’t miss out on when we will release these awesome features mentioned above, sign in on www.guestlist.ph or download our app now!


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  1. Hi! I would like to make a guest list for tonight at 81 gramercy? How to? Need help! Thank you 🙂

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