40 things every party goer goes through while waiting to get in the club

Falling in line to get in the clubs is a ritual that every party goer has to go through and it can be quite an experience. Here is a list of things that everyone thinks of while waiting:


1. Make way bitches, the party is here! This is gonna be one epic night!

2. Wait, where’s my friends? Let me call them.

3. Crap! No signal. No WiFi? I’m doomed!

4. Oh, there they are! But they can’t see me.

5. Heeeeeey guuuuys! I’m here!

6. Ok that was embarrassing. Now everyone is looking at me. Poker Face Smile mode.

7. Oh, they’re telling me something. Can’t heeaaar youu!

8. Oh no! They’re going in! Noooooooo! Don’t leave me here!

9. [Text message received: Just Fall In Line, we’ll see you inside]

10. Ok, where do I fall in line? This should be really quick right?


11. Alright, now i’m on the line. What’s taking them so long?

12. Ok let me check Facebook first. Wow! Everyone is out tonight!

13. Instagram time!

14. Which filter is the best?

15. Who’s that guy behind who photobombed me?!

16. Must not look at that weird guy. Keep looking at your phone.

17. Oh wow! That guy is cute! How do I get him to notice me?

18. [Thinks of ways to attract the cute guy, comes up with weird ideas]

19. Wait, how many people are there before me? Seven? This is taking forevahhhhh!


20. What do I do now?

21. [Anxiety attacks] What if my name is not on the list?

22. Do I have my ID with me?

23. I don’t want to show my ID with my ugly picture! Why do I have to do this?!

24. Yaaay! Now I’m in front and this scary bouncer is looking at me.

25. [Bouncer body check] Uhhhh, this is so awkward. Just imagine it’s Channing Tatum body checking me. Close your eyes.

26. Hi! I’m under [promoter’s name] guest list. [keep fake smile on]

27. Here’s my ID [hands it over to receptionist must hide my picture and real name]

28. [After 5 minutes] Receptionist: You’re not on the guest list. You: Noooo! Here’s check his confirmation message.

29. I know this guy, that girl, and all the party gods!

30. Can you double check? Triple check? Quadruple check?



31. [You’re asked to leave the reception] Must call friends! This is the worst night everrrrr!

32. No one’s picking up! FML!

33. What did I do to deserve this? &**#@^*@ %^@U**&^@^#

34. I’ll just go home. I will never go back to this club anymore!

35. [Friend texts: Where are you?] I’m here! Go out and help me out!

36. …

37. Yaay! My friends are here! I can now go in!

38. [Walks up to receptionist with friends] I’m with them b*tch!

39. Boom! I have a stamp!

40. OMG! That’s my favorite song! Parteeeeeeeeeeey!



  1. petty stuff. nahh this only happens to non-regulars and those who goes out clubbin’ w/o money

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