10 Lies Drunk People Say

There are just things that you can never believe when they come from drunk people. Here are some of them:

1.  “I can totally do one more shot.”

No you cannot.


2.  “We should totally hang out after this.”

And they never saw her again.


3. “I totally love this song!”

And the song after that, and the one after that as well.


4. “No, no, I just quit smoking the other day.”

2 hours later.


5. “Okay, one last drink and I’m leaving.”

Ever wonder what happened to that one last drink?




6. “I have to pee.”

She forgot to mention the part where she throws up.


7. “I’m not texting her right now. Promise.”

You were saying?


8. “Don’t worry about me. I never get drunk.”

I wonder how often is “never”?


9. “I don’t need help getting up.”

Yes you do..


And the biggest lie of them all…


10. “I’m not drunk. I’m just kind of tipsy.”




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