7 Reasons Why Tokyo EDM Invasion Is A Party You Can’t Miss

This coming August 2, Manila is set to be invaded by Japan once again! Only this time, it’s going to be very different. Japan’s forces are going to be led by Geisha’s, Ninjas and Sumo Wrestlers! Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Tokyo EDM Invasion this coming August:


1. Because you’ll be part of history

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.23.14 AM

When was the last time you were part of a monumental event? Tokyo EDM Invasion will be the first of its kind to be held here in Southeast Asia. The Love and House world tour has already been held in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong and for the first time ever – The Philippines!


2. Because this is the only rave where you can play dress up without looking weird

Party people like us only get to play dress up without looking weird every year: during Halloween. Try dressing up like an Anime in a club or a rave and you’ll get weird looks the whole night. For Tokyo EDM Invasion though, it is totally fine. Since it is a celebration of Japanese culture, it’d be totally fine for you guys to cosplay as Pikachu or Godzilla while partying! Just imagine how fun looking at your pictures would be!


3. Because you have never heard of Japanese EDM and you should

DJ Dantz will be headlining Tokyo EDM Invasion. He is one of the most influential DJs and Producers in Japan. Rumors say that he is also Ultraman during his days off. Kidding aside though, he is the best DJ in Japan and he has produced music for international artists and famous DJs gaining a name for himself with music on the top charts. He has toured Europe and rocked crowds of up to 100,000. He’s also the resident DJ of LOVE&HOUSE WORLD @ WOMB ranking No.2 in the world according to U.K. magazine, MIX MAG. Plus he’s Ultraman, you can tell your future kids about that!


4. Because you can party with your Nakama

Nakama is the Japanese word for Grandma. Yes, you can party with your Grandma! JUST KIDDING, Nakama is the Japanese translation for Barkada. Just by taking a picture with the Tokyo EDM Invasion characters (Geisha, Ninja and Sumo Wrestler), you can win tickets to Tokyo EDM Invasion. You can also do buy the Nakama Package 4 tickets plus 2 free HERE.


5. Because of unlimited drinks

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 6

Everyone loves unlimited. Especially when it comes to alcohol.  For just P5,200 you can be chugging the night along with unlimited alcohol. Your liver and kidneys will be very happy.


6. Because you’ll get paid P150 just to use a cab to get there

Since we are advocates of responsible partying and we don’t want you to be driving drunk on that night (it will cost you P20,000 to P500,000 in fines and three months up to 2 years if you were caught drunk driving). Instead, we highly suggest that you ride a cab using GrabTaxi and refund P150 when you get to SMX. Wouldn’t it be fun if you can ride a cab like this:


7. Because the lineup will leave you in awe


Aside from DJ Dantz, the line up for Tokyo EDM is awesome. Click on each picture to find out who they are.


Because we have the cheapest access for you!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.39.02 PM

Everything above sounds exciting, but nothing will excite you more than the fact that WE ARE SELLING THE CHEAPEST TICKETS to Tokyo EDM Invasion. Buy now because we’ll be dropping bombs in the next few weeks. Click HERE to get your tickets now! Don’t believe us? Click HERE to compare our prices.


See you in Tokyo EDM Invasion!



  1. Reasons why we want to win!

    1. Because loving music, fun and being broke all at once is a really bad combination. Have mercy! 2. to experience an out of this world, blow ur mind kind of eargasm that will be remembered by the future generations
    3. Free is in my price range. Dantz is my hero.

  2. I want to win 1st i want to see my ultimate crush DJ PAT of DEUCE MANILA! 2nd if i win i will share my tickets to my fellow cosplayer to experience the TOKYO EDM PARTY! 3rd i love naruto and i love MASTER POGI! i want to Party with MASTER POGI! and lastly i want to see and party to DJ DANTZ!

  3. i’m a coser of lolita and i a ravers, i want to feel what it’s like to be in tokyo edm party. i’m looking forward to this event. it’s 1st time it happen here in the philippines so hoping that i can be part of it! i want to rave it the sun rise!

  4. Well, just curious on this event and i want to explore more about these kind of event. And also drinking galore, prosit!!

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