9 Feelings we all get while waiting for #NeverlandManilaTheBigReveal

#NeverlandManilaTheBigReveal is driving everyone nuts and things are getting a little out of hand in Twitter. Here are 9 types of tweets that show what we are feeling right now while we are waiting for the big reveal:


1. Curiosity

When we first heard about Neverland Manila, we all thought it was something else. Some people thought it was a show, some people thought it was a circus but generally people were just curious.


2. Doubt

Then after that, when people found out that it’s an event they started doubting. They doubted if it’s true even with very upfront evidences of legitimacy. People just like to doubt. We admit, we also doubted it. It became so bad that we even doubted our genders and we had to double check if we still have the right organs under our pants. This is the start when shit gets really crazy.


3. Nervous

Then we start getting nervous. We don’t know why we are nervous but we just know that we’re nervous. We start worrying about ticket prices, jeepney fare prices, extra rice prices and other random prices that we don’t even understand why we are nervous anymore. But then you remember, Neverland Manila is coming! Then you feel more nervous until you pass out. And then…


4. Excitement

And then Neverland Manila leaks out some stuff and teases us with #NeverlandManilaTheBigReveal and we go craaaaaaaaaaazy!


5. Anxiety

Then excitement turns to anxiety. Anxiety then leads to desperate measures…


6. Desperation



Then you realize that you don’t have the resources to buy tickets and you think of ways how to grab tickets. You think of which kidney you can sell, how much you’re going to charge for making someone’s homework and basically selling your dignity to accumulate enough wealth to go to Peter Pan’s home.


7. Impatience


Then you get a little antsy and start considering harmful things to your body. The effect can be seen on your day to day habits. You then start cutting lines in the canteen, skip meals and finish your bath prematurely even if you still have soap in your armpits. The suspense is killing you and you can’t wait for the big reveal.


8. Delusional

And then you become delusional. You start calling out your friends in DJ names. You call your dog Avicii and you also spend an extra hour staying in church to pray for the DJ lineup of your dreams. People call you crazy but you don’t care because deep in your head, you’re flying in Neverland already.


9. Hysterical



Lastly, you become hysterical. Your health is taking a toll for the agony of the last few days before the big reveal. You have never felt 2 days could be so long in your life and if you only had a time machine, you’d fly to October 3 right now. Β  We have all felt this way, the only thing we can say to help you ease the pain is this:


So watch out for the big announcement at the Neverland Manila Page on the 31st and get ready to have your mind blown:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.00.14 AM

Insider Information: Pre-selling of tickets will be available on SM Tickets and Guestlist.ph starting August 1 so sign up now at www.guestlist.ph or download our iOS and Android App to get first dibs on the tickets. For VIP tables please call: +632 507 0810

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