15 Types of Dreamchasers We’ve Seen While Waiting For Neverland Manila

The day that we have all been waiting for is almost here. While we are counting down the last few days for Neverland, let’s see the types of Dreamchasers we’ve seen while we wait for the biggest rave of the year.

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1. The excited Dreamchaser

This is the most common Dreamchaser in the land. They have been waiting too long for October 3 to come that they have been dreaming of Neverland Manila for weeks now. Sometimes they dream that they are Peter Pan or Wendy and that they actually live in Neverland where they don’t grow old and they fly to mess up with Captain Hook every day. These guys cannot be stopped and their excitement is overflowing all over Twitter! Β 


2. The Heartbroken Dreamchaser

The Heartbroken Dreamchaser is fond of using the broken heart emoji in their tweets to show how they feel. They are really sad and the pain that they are feeling worse than the pain they felt when they first got their first heartbreak. Their emojis are so contagious that we also ended up putting them here in this article. </3 </3 </3 Β 


3. The Jealous Dreamchaser

The Jealous Dreamchasers are evolved versions of the Heartbroken Dreamchasers. Their despair has turned into envy and soon they will be like Maleficent and they will be responsible for the next Dreamchaser. Β 


4. The Sleeping Beauty Dreamchaser

The Sleeping Beauty Dreamchaser is a product of the Jealous Dreamchaser. The Dreamchaser cursed them on the day that Neverland Manila will happen, they will fall into a deep sleep and they will wake up on October 4 with an act of true love or if they build a snowman. Whatever happens, they will be sleeping in a tower while being watched by the Jealous Dreamchasers.


5. The Religious Dreamchaser

The Religious Dreamchaser is a good person. He always makes sure that he does good things and he always does good things. He fist pumps with a cross motion and he doesn’t do anything that would offend his faith. Amen. Β  Β 


6. The Regretful Dreamchaser

The Regretful Dreamchasers are people who are like the Heartbroken Dreamchasers but they have reasons. It’s either they have conflicting schedules, an exam or any random errand that they need to do instead of attending the biggest rave of the year. Majority of the time, they end up as the next type of Dreamchaser. Β 


7. The Cyber Dreamchaser

These Dreamchasers are formerly Regretful Dreamchasers but they refused to let their sadness eat them alive so they just let their inner raver come loose with the use of the internet. They watch Ultra Japan, Tomorrowland or listen to Spotify Playlists of the Neverland Artists. They reenact the feeling of a rave wherever they are even if they are in the jeep, the bus, their home, the toilet, the classroom, the office or even in their sleep. As long as there is music, they will fist pump like they’re in Neverland Manila! Β 


8. The YOLO Dreamchaser

The YOLO Dreamchaser understands that adage that “You can retake class but you can’t relive a party”. They don’t care about the consequences that might happen after Neverland as long as they get to experience the biggest rave of the year!


9. The Medical Dreamchaser

The Medical Dreamchasers are very vivid about how they feel about their body in anticipation of Neverland. They describe how their internal organs feel while waiting. They tell their friends that their Pancreas feels like it’s being lacerated, their Hypothalamus is being punctured and their Pituitary Gland is bloating because of Neverland Manila. Sounds gross sometimes but whatever floats their boat, we’re cool! Β 


10. The Fashown Dreamchaser

The Fashown Dreamchaser is spending this whole week trying to figure out what they are going to wear in Neverland. They make Kandi, they they crop up whatever tee they can find to find the perfect outfit in Neverland. It’s gonna be the biggest rave and they want to make sure they look fabulous! Fashown! Β 


11. The Showbiz Dreamchaser

The Showbiz Dreamchaser spent their last week watching bulges of celebrities during the Cosmo Bash and Bench fashion shows and they fantasize about the celebrities that they are going to see during Neverland. They are also practicing the art of taking instant selfies so that when they see their favorite celeb, they can get a selfie taken in a matter of seconds.


12. The Nostalgic Dreamchaser

The Nostalgic Dreamchaser likes to reminisce previous raves and thinks about how he can have the same fun with his friends in Neverland Manila. They daydream about how cool everything will be and they don’t mind looking silly about it.


13. The Detective Dreamchaser

The Detective Dreamchaser likes to connect the dots based on the post that we’ve been making the last couple weeks. What we’ve been posting has been driving them mad but we’ll tell them that they’re on the right track. Good job Sherlock Holmes! Β 


14. The Desperate Dreamchaser

The Desperate Dreamchaser is a person who will do anything to make it to Neverland Manila. Up till this moment, they don’t have tickets and they are willing to do anything humanly possible to get to the biggest rave ever. They become very very anxious but their desperation will soon be rewarded because the next type of Dreamchaser will give them hope. Β 


15. The Clairvoyant Dreamchaser

The Clairvoyant Dreamchasers have a special power that no other Dreamchaser has. They see the future and they see that there is something big that will come on October 1 and they know that they should download the Guestlist.ph App now:



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