Top Halloween Parties You Should Go To This Week

It’s that time of the year again where all party animals are in the mood to be creative and crazy. If you are still wondering where you should flaunt your crazy costume of yours this weekend, here’s a list of the top Halloween Parties in the metro happening this week.

Parties Happening in Manila and Pasay


Freaky Thursday


Why You Should Go: Halloween starts early in Manila as the guys from Happy Thursdays in Plato Bar give you Freaky Thursdays. This is the perfect pregame for your Halloween weekend where you’ll get to rave for FREE. And oh, whoever joins the event using the App gets a free drink! So if you happen to be in the Manila area on Thursday, pop a costume and and head to PICC for this awesome pre Halloween rave.


Guardians of the Universe


Why You Should Go: What happens when Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar and Marc Naval along with MC Pao spins in one night? It’s sure fire hit! You just don’t get to catch all these legends to spin in one night unless you’re in a very special event.  Couple that with this year’s theme of superheroes and Universe will definitely one of the places you should check out this Friday.


Parties Happening In The Fort


Haze Halloween Weekend


Why You Should Go: Halloween started really early with Club Haze especially after Cream of Thrones last Saturday. Apparently, Cream of Thrones was just the start because Club Haze will be a haunted club this whole week starting this Thursday. So pick your poison and decide when you want to come over with their multiple themes. Just don’t forget to be on the guest list in the app to avoid any hassle.


The Great Imperial Freak Show


Why You Should Go: Imagine yourself in your elaborate costume while partying in a room where it’s -5 degrees. No place can give you that experience aside from Imperial this weekend. Just make sure that you wear something freaky so you won’t feel out of place.


Dead Air

Why You Should Go: You probably heard it all over the radio already and it’s going to be great. The Magic 89.9 crew are going to be there and this is a sure fire hit!




Why You Should Go: Here’s the deal, for just P500 you’ll get to go to 3 venues (Craft, Amber and Scarlet) and get 3 premium drinks along with it. That means you can bar hop like no other and save money for drinks because they don’t come that cheap for 3 drinks plus you get to choose between a diverse lineup where you can listen to live music from bands and awesome DJ’s. This is a must watch for everyone swinging by in the Fort Strip.


Aracama VS. Zombies


Why You Should Go: Make sure that you’ll be wearing a helmet when you swing by Aracama this Friday because they are up to eat your brains out. Aracama is always a place to go if you are looking for a young and energetic crowd that you can go party with. This party should be up in your checklist as well when you swing by The Fort!


All Royal’s Eve


The most glamorous Halloween party will be happening in Prive this weekend. You’ll get to party with the Metro’s elite and finest in this party so make sure you bring your costume A-Game as well. You’d want to be a scary fabulous undead for this one.

Parties Happening in Makati


Hallow Kandi


Why You Should Go: If you’re looking for a glamorous Halloween celebration then Palladium is the place to go. Hed Kandi DJ Sam Cannon is going to be in town in for Halloween and this is your chance to strut to party in style like never before. If you’re a big Hed Kandi DJ, make sure to drop by Palladium.


I Know What You Did Last Halloween


Why You Should Go: Apparently the guys from TIME IN MANILA knew what we did last Halloween and they know that you didn’t have as much fun as you should’ve. If you’re up for a night of legit house music, don’t forget to swing by Time. This would be the perfect ending to your special Halloween bar hop.


Parties Happening in Quezon City


Sinners and Saints


Why You Should Go: If you’re going to be in QC, head on over to Vanity Club to start things off right. Remember to wear a costume so you can avail of the open bar from 10-12mn to get your pre-game vibes on. Then when you’re up for a big dose of alcohol, grab a bottle of Jager for just P999. Then after the night, evaluate yourself if you’ve been a sinner or a saint. What do you think you would be?


Night of the Damned


 Why You Should Go: Speaking of starting things right, head over to Voodoo Lounge in Tomas Morato to get a chance to win P5,000 this Halloween by being the best in costume! You’ll also get a free drink just by coming in costume here as well on Thursday.


PRO TIP: Clubs are going to be extra generous this Halloween by rewarding those who are in costume. So don’t be a scrooge and put some effort into what you’re going to wear because you only get to do this once a year. You’ll never know, you just might win a prize for putting in the work for your costume!


To make sure you’ll have entry to all the best Halloween Parties, join now using the App:




*This list will be updated as the week goes on as some of the clubs have not released their Halloween event yet. Stay tuned.



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