10 Reasons Why Should You Go to Sinulog

The Philippines has been known for having countless colorful festivals throughout the year. From the smallest festivities in Manila to the grandest festivals like the Penagbenga in Baguio, our country never failed to amaze its tourists. January is a busy month for most of the provinces. Why? Because Santo Nino festivities are coming! And Sinulog in Cebu City is possibly the superstar. It is safe to assume that it is one of the grandest and loudest festival in the country. But for the people who haven’t had the time to fly all the way to Cebu, why should they try it? Why should you go to Sinulog? Here’s 10 reasons why should you already start packing and fly to Cebu.


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Destination: Sinulog — Elektromundo 2015

Music Festivals must be one of the hottest and must go to events for anyone, either you’ve been into one or dying to go to one. Fret no more, you can hit two birds in one stone! Going to one of the country’s hottest event — Sinulog, comes Elektromundo: Sinulog Music Festival 2014.



Last year was something, this time around  Elektromundo 2015 is upping its game and  will be something else!

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