10 Reasons Why Should You Go to Sinulog

The Philippines has been known for having countless colorful festivals throughout the year. From the smallest festivities in Manila to the grandest festivals like the Penagbenga in Baguio, our country never failed to amaze its tourists. January is a busy month for most of the provinces. Why? Because Santo Nino festivities are coming! And Sinulog in Cebu City is possibly the superstar. It is safe to assume that it is one of the grandest and loudest festival in the country. But for the people who haven’t had the time to fly all the way to Cebu, why should they try it? Why should you go to Sinulog? Here’s 10 reasons why should you already start packing and fly to Cebu.


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  1. BARKADA – You wouldn’t want to become a wallflower in a festivity that big and that loud. I’m telling you, it’s better than Oktoberfest in Germany! Having your friends around will complete your stay and experience. (Just don’t forget to bring a partner just in case they bring their own).

Photo by: Sinulog Cebu's Grand Festival

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    1. IT’S A PINOY THING – Before even dreaming going to Coachella and Tomorrowland, you should try Sinulog first! It’s how pinoys party. Experience the tugs-tugs vibe party the night away – THE FILIPINO WAY! (You wouldn’t regret it, swear!)


Photo by: Sinulog Cebu’s Grand Festival

    1. CEBUANOS – Whether you’re a girl or a boy or somewhere in between, as long as you are single (hmm or not) you will enjoy the company of these sweet and “malambing” Cebuanos. They are very well known to be hospitable and thoughtful and caring and lovable. Try looking for your soulmate there and who knows, you might end up getting married in Cebu.


Photo by: Cebu Tourism

    1. CULTURE – Who doesn’t love meeting new people and learning from them (aside from the introverts)? Everyone should try something new once in a while. There’s no better way to experience and feel the culture of the Queen city of the South than to join the Sinulog Festival.


Photo by: Philstar

    1. INSTAGRAM WORTHY PICTURES – “Picture Perfect” sceneries, that’s what you get in Sinulog. From the waters surrounding Cebu City to the colorful costumes of the street dancers you will never run out of reasons to take pictures. I’m pretty sure your friends and family will love it and they might go with you on your next visit. (Please make sure you have a lot of space in your phones to take tons of pictures and always use hashtag, k?)


Photo by: Pursuit of Functional Home

    1. SANTO NINO – Duh?! He’s the main dawg of the Festival. Relive how the Cebuanos welcomed Christianity and Baby Jesus or in Spanish “Santo Nino”. The Cebuanos are the first people who embraced Christianity in the country. They celebrate this life-changing moment through dancing ending up with the century old Sinulog Festival.


Photo by: Pursuit of Functional Home

    1. CROWD – The thing with Sinulog is the fact that it attracts people from all over the country, even foreigners abroad. Try partying for one night and you’ll meet people from Manila, Davao and the US. It’s a cultural melting pot. I’m telling you, the crowd of Sinulog really knows how to party. You’ll never get bored. You might also win some friends there and change your set of Barkada hahaha kidding!


Photo by: National Unity Party

    1. FOOD – This is already a given. You are most likely to have heard of cebuchon, Cebu’s very own version of Lechon. But that is not all. You’ll get a taste of the best in Cebu. Because it’s a fiesta, people prepare a wide array of Cebu specials (danggit, dried mangoes, Chorizo, Otap and Bibingka to name some). You certainly won’t mind gaining some extra pounds.


Photo by: Metrodeal

    1. PARTY – Should I even have to explain this?! This is the main event. You will start watching the street-dances in the morning and the next thing you know, you are already the one drunk-dancing. Parties of Sinulog are getting cooler and cooler every year. Some people in Manila are even flying to Cebu to organize a party. I told you earlier that the crowd here knows how to party. So the equation goes like this; cool people + wild party = one heck of an experience!!! Now, if you want to experience a really cool party (probably one of the biggest too) you should check out Sinulog Sexy brought to you by Distillery. Scroll down to check their schedule.


Photo by: Zalora

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  1. BECAUSE YOU JUST HAVE TO – I already gave you 9 reasons to experience Sinulog and they are more than enough reasons to already book your flights going there. Don’t just be okay partying inside a club, there’s more to life out there. Feel a different kind of party, a party where you can jive with a new culture, a party where you can be yourself, a party that is not the usual, a party that we can be proud of! So what are you waiting for, you still have time to pack your things, book your flight, text you friend and shout PIT SENYOR!!! You can thank me after.



Schedule of Events

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