7 Reasons Why Verdict 7 is The Wildest Med-Law Students Party

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11 Reasons Why 11:11 Music Festival Will Make You a Very Lucky Partyphile

11:11 is a popular belief that you can make a wish whenever you see the clock strike 11:11 AM or PM. On top definition, 11:11 is the time of day when one should make a wish while looking at the clock and word says that if you actually believe it, your wish usually comes true! So why not take a risk, see you Partyphiles this February 20th at Greenfield District for 11:11 Music Festival!


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14 Places You Can Head-over To This VDay Weekend

So here’s the thing, February 14 brings out a lot of feels for different people. Depending on how well or not well your “lovelife” is doing. Don’t worry, if you’re single and ready (or not) to mingle, we’re giving you the load down on the most talked about pre-valentines and valentines happenings in the Metro!



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