14 Places You Can Head-over To This VDay Weekend

So here’s the thing, February 14 brings out a lot of feels for different people. Depending on how well or not well your “lovelife” is doing. Don’t worry, if you’re single and ready (or not) to mingle, we’re giving you the load down on the most talked about pre-valentines and valentines happenings in the Metro!



1.  EASTWOOD: Awesome Love Party



Why You Should Go: Ever been to a LOVE PARTY? No? Well, here’s your chance to give it a try! Who knows, someone’s heart might be pumping for you when they see you dance the night away. Time to take a risk this pre-valentines day!

2. THE FORT: VASK’S Black Valentine

10410475_766535563425320_881540141993703659_n (1)

Why You Should Go: For just P1,000, you get to eat, drink and maybe even meet “The One You’ve Been Searching For”. If you’re single, then get ready to mingle! Don’t forget to dress to impress!

3. THE FORT: PRIVE’S Stupid Cupid


Why You Should Go: Feeling like a bitter melon? Then Privé’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party is right for you! And if you get lucky, you might get to take home a fine lady! Free entrance and martinis for the lovely ladies till 12mn!

4.  NEWPORT: UNIVERSE’S Love In The Club


Why You Should Go: Not everyone is up and ready to settle like Chris Brown, so if you wanna play his cards, see you at Universe this Friday the 13th!

Who said you can’t find love in the club?
‘Cause I wanna tell them they’re wrong
Come on, just, baby, try a new thing
And let’s spark a new flame

5. PARANAQUE: COD’S PANGEA —-  Saturday Is For Players


Why You Should Go: Don’t hate the player, hate the game. If you think you got your player game on, then Pangaea is the perfect spot for you to collect and select! Just don’t forget to use protection!

6. MAKATI: TIM TAYAG’S Truth In Comedy


Why You Should Go: You know what they say, if you can make a girl laugh you get a pretty good shot in whatever you guys have or something like that. So if your sense of humor is kinda rusty, bring your date to Sev’s Cafe, Makati and let these guys do their magic for you! But make sure they don’t steal your date!

7. MAKATI: Z HOSTEL’S Single’s Soiree

10991350_1605157619713907_2784573897605682872_nWhy You Should Go: Being single is the best time to take an adventure (and advantage), so it’s the V-day (V for…) and everyone’s lovey dovey, what do you do? Date yourself to a quick getaway x a bit of culture within the city.

8.  THE FORT: PRIVE’S Naughty Valentine’s


Why You Should Go: Who says the naughty or nice list is only for Christmas? This Valentines, get naughty ’cause you might just find someone as naughty as you too. Rawrrr!


Why You Should Go: Not feeling the Valentines vibe? Opting to ride solo or planning an all girls night out? For the broken, want to drink your heart away? The Distillery got you covered for that!

10. THE FORT: IMPERIAL’S Superfine Saturdays

final Superfine feb 12

Why You Should Go: You wanna know where you can find the finest of the finest ladies who love to bump and grind? Imperial is the place to be! No need to spend for two, because vodka is cheaper than dinner for two!



Why You Should Go: So here’s the scenario, you gotta date but you’re on a tight budget? Or, you gotta date but you aren’t willing to “spend-spend” yet because you’re not sure where things are going, what do you do? The solution, Garage 88’s P588 Love Month bundle!

11. ORTIGAS: RED CLOUD’S Speed Dating


Why You Should Go: If you’re feeling a little playful, and if you’re on a rush (but not to the altar), Red Cloud Gastropub’s Speed Dating event is worth a try! For only P300, you get to down cocktails, and maybe down you dates as well, and to top it all off, get to experience their MAJOR after party!



Why You Should Go: Are you a believer that every prince has their princess? Modernize and own every fairytale fantasy you’ve always wanted. Don’t be a Cinderella, stay till wee hours because a surprise awaits you! Get ready to unmask your love!

13.  DILIMAN: UP’S Free Fall

UP Fair 2015 Free Fall - Official Poster

Why You Should Go: Find your “Tadhana” while helping UP PSYSC raise proceeds in order to build science libraries for Gawad Kalinga Site in Tandang Sora and in a remote island community in Sitio Ronggot, Laguna. Be free to fall inlove as well!


15. Because we know not everyone has someone to date and spend Valentines day with, we’re feeling generous like always! We’re giving tickets for Tryst and Free Fall! To get a chance to win, just answer this question:

What makes you lucky this February 13, Friday the 13th?

Tweet your answers and use the following hashtags to qualify to the event you would want to go to:

Tryst: #PartyphileAppforTRYST (10 winners)

Free Fall: #PartyphileAppForFreeFall (10 winners)

TWEET NOW!!! Best answers will win 1 ticket each to their chosen team. Winners will be announced tomorrow, Friday 3pm at the Partyphile Instagram account. @partyphile_app

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