11 Reasons Why 11:11 Music Festival Will Make You a Very Lucky Partyphile

11:11 is a popular belief that you can make a wish whenever you see the clock strike 11:11 AM or PM. On top definition, 11:11 is the time of day when one should make a wish while looking at the clock and word says that if you actually believe it, your wish usually comes true! So why not take a risk, see you Partyphiles this February 20th at Greenfield District for 11:11 Music Festival!


1. Because it’s your chance to claim an extraordinary feat!


2. Because there’s a big chance that things will fall into place, finally.

3. Because it’s your chance to make a wish as soon as the clock strikes 11:11 PM!

4. Because for only P300 you get to see bands like Urbandub & Franco, plus with DJs Ace Ramos & Rammy Bitong! How fucking awesome is that?


5. Because it’s a everything-you-can-ask-for event rolled up in one!

6. Because that someone you’ve been dying to get a text from might just hit you up!

7. Because who knows, you might get that dream job you’ve been wanting to have!


8. Because you get to relax and unwind!

9. Because the girl you’ve been eying on should say YES!


10. Because you WILL ace that thesis defense!

11. Because it’s never too late to have a Valentines date!

Because there have been a number of people wishing that they could go to 11:11 Music Fest,

And we believe that everyone’s wish SHOULD come true, We’re giving away 10 tickets to 10 lucky people! To get a chance win, just answer this question:

What’s your craziest wish that you will be making when the clock strikes 11:11 PM?

Tweet your answers with the hashtag #PartyphileAppFor1111MusicFest in order to qualify!

TWEET NOW!!! Best answers will win 1 ticket each. Winners will be announced tomorrow, Friday 1pm at the Partyphile Instagram account. @partyphile_app

You won’t regret this awesome experience!

Good luck and may the craziest wishes win!

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