The biggest free party in the city is just right around the corner and everyone is going bonkers over tickets to get to Unleashed 4. Here are 10 questions that most Partyphiles ask to about Unleashed 4 and their corresponding answers.


1. How do I join the guest list for Unleashed via the Partyphile App?

We’ll warn you, it’s a very complicated thing. It’s like computing for the theory of relativity. It’s like this:



2. Why am I not yet approved? I’ve been waiting forever.

Because we don’t want to. Just kidding! There’s a reason why you haven’t been approved yet and it’s only either of these two reasons: a. You don’t have a number in your profile when you signed up b. You are not a Globe or TM subscriber We need to verify if you’re a Globe or TM subscriber in order to approve you. So how do you input your number? Just go to your Partyphile App settings and save your number. If you’re a Globe or TM subscriber, you’ll definitely be approved. Tweet us at @partyphile_app to let us know, it will be faster.


3. How do I check if I’m already approved? I didn’t get a confirmation text and I’m so jelly of my friends. The confirmation text is just a notification that tells you that you’ve been approved. If you haven’t received one yet, it’s ok. All you have to do is to pray to St. Jude and your prayers will be answered. Kidding aside, just check your Dashboard in the Partyphile App. If you see that the Unleashed 4 event is already in the Attended tab, that means you’re approved already. It should look like this:


4. How do I claim my Globe Prepaid Early Bird pass and where? Β 

This part is easy. Just present your Party ID in the Globe Prepaid Early Bird Lane in the venue. Your Party ID is in your Partyphile App and it looks like this:


5. The confirmation text said I should bring a valid ID? What is considered a valid ID?

A laminated copy of your original birth certificate along with your umbilical cord. Joke. Any Government issued ID would do or an ID with your birthday and picture of you would be perfect. But keep in mind that the main thing we’ll Β be looking for is your Party ID so please have it ready before you go to the venue.


6. What is the event cutoff and guest list cutoff? I’m confused. Β  The event cutoff and guest list cutoff are two different things. Here’s the difference: a. Event cutoff – The time all guest list requests are accepted. This also happens when all the 5,000 slots that Globe Prepaid gave us are taken. The event cutoff is on Saturday 4pm, March 28, 2015. b. Guest list cutoff – The time when we will stop accepting guest list redemptions for those we approved. This is at 12 midnight, March 29.

7. Where do I claim my tickets if I got approved already?

You can claim it in your nearest suking tindahan. Seriously though, you can claim it at the Globe Prepaid Early Bird Lane (there’s also a label of Partyphile there). Just present your Party ID (not the confirmation text) to the Partyphile Team and we’ll give you your Unleashed 4 passes.


8. What about those people that wasn’t approved? How can we get tickets?

You can get it at the Weedoo office at BGC or the event itself. Chill it’s a free party and everyone will get tickets. But if you don’t want to experience any hassle, just do it via our app. There’s still a few slots remaining.


9. I’ve almost finished reading this article and I haven’t been confirmed yet. Where do I edit my profile again?

Just go to your settings, click on edit profile and update. Then wait for the confirmation or check your dashboard. Ok? Thankyoy.


10. And the grandest question of them all is… What is the dress code?

This is a very complicated thing to talk about and it might take us three articles to elaborately discuss this with you so let us give you some pegs for you to follow:

Kidding aside though. Just don’t wear slippers and weird outfits that might harm your fellow ravers. Just pull off the best rave outfit you can rock to impress your fellow ravers. If you still haven’t bought one, why don’t you rock these limited edition Partyphile shirts?


partyphile swag


We hope we’ve answered all of your questions. If you still have any more inquiries, just tweet us at @partyphile_app on Twitter. See you in #Unleashed4 Partyphiles!


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