16 Types Of People You Encounter Every AdHoc Season

AdHoc Resonance is just right around the corner and everyone is going bonkers about the biggest college party in the metro once again. Here’s a list of 16 people you’ll encounter every AdHoc Season.



1. The Excited Kids

The excited kids are the most common type of people you’ll find every AdHoc Season. You’ll often see them tweeting or posting statuses on Facebook about AdHoc. They’re so excited about the college party of the year and they can’t wait to party with their friends.

2. The Newbies

The newbies are kids that have never had their AdHoc Cherry popped. They haven’t experienced the thrill of being in AdHoc and they often ask around to get insights from trusted sources. Sometimes they get a little desperate and they ask insights from Kuya Guard, Ate Xerox and the cat licking her fur on the school sidewalk. Any piece of information matters for the newbies because this will help them device the biggest lie they are going to come up for their parents just to get permission to go to AdHoc.

3. The Source

The Source are people that you meet in coffee shops or any random place for the only thing that matters to you the most – a ticket to AdHoc. You try to be the nicest person to them to avoid any hassle and even give them fake compliments like calling them “cuties” to make your transaction hassle free.

4. The Movie Aficionados

The Movie Aficionado is a special kind of Source. She juggles around being a Source and being a movie critique. She has a good taste for movies and she has a list of nominees for the next Oscars. Often times when nobody is around, the Movie Aficionado even utters the lines of the movies she watches in Dubsmash and uploads in on her Instagram.

5. The Calendar Girls

The Calendar Girls are a special kind of Partyphile. They make sure that they’re a part of every big rave in town and they spend their time circling the dates of the biggest events on their calendar at home. Sometimes they get in trouble because their parents get confused about the circles on their calendar thinking it’s time to pay their rent already and the Calendar Girls get grounded. Nothing can stop them though because as soon as they get a chance, they go to their nearest hardware and ask for a free calendar to put on their wall.

6. The Confused

These poor souls are like in Party Purgatory. They are torn between experiencing the best night of their lives or staying home and watching MMK. It’s a really tough decision. Because come to think of it, you should only have two answers when someone asks you if you’re going to AdHoc: Yes or HELL YES!

7. Β The Achievers

These guys are examples of good citizens. They dream big and they get shit done and nothing can stop them from raving. Their goals in life are targets they can easily hit anytime they want. They’re just that good.

8. The Wristband Collectors

#adhocresurgence #unleashed4 next is #adhocresonance A photo posted by Giovanni Diaz Arnesto Jr. (@gvnniarnsto) on Mar 30, 2015 at 8:12pm PDT

The wristband collectors love to have their souvenirs on every rave they get a chance to go to. Unknowingly, they are not aware that this can turn into a serious mental illness. Studies show that wristband collectors do not get satisfied with the wristbands they get from raves. During dry season (no raves) they go to hospitals to get wristbands of patients to add to their collection while they sleep. Creepy ass MoFos.

9. The Hardcore Partyphiles

These guys are the real deal. They know how to work hard and party hard. Majority of the time, it gets so hard that they puke hard at the parking lot after AdHoc or they get carried off the event. #YOLO

10. The Seasoned Veterans

The veterans are seasoned AdHoc ravers that know what’s up. They were once hardcore Partyphiles and the only thing that remind them of their crazy shenanigans is Timehop. They also go to AdHoc to experience how good it feels to be young again.


11. The #WhoGoat Superbod

The #WhoGoat Superbod is a stunner that you’ll see in AdHoc. All the guys will be looking at her because she looks amazing. And she did it not because of you, but because of the music festivals na darating!!! #WhoGoat

12. The Girl Who’s Kinda Pamigay

Guys take note, when you see a girl wearing something like this during AdHoc; that means you should get her number. Girls, when you want to give a hint to guys to notice you, wear something like this. Cool?

13. The OC

These Partyphiles care about details. They want to make sure they are prepared when they go to AdHoc and would not let any stone unturned. They ask about every detail there is about the event like the Ph level of water in the venue, the CO2 emissions the fog machines churn out and the average amount of hairs there is on every bouncer. Better be sure than sorry.

14. The Haters

Oh you’re going to AdHoc? @!^@3&#@(&!&#@$$@! These guys don’t want to see you there so they’ll just spend the night watching cat videos.

15. The Desperate

These guys are in a very sad world. They don’t know how they’ll go to the biggest college party of the year. They’re so sad that they want to be adopted already. They are the complete opposite of those people next on our list.

16. The Lucky Ones

These guys know the path to get to AdHoc for Free and they are extremely excited about it. You can be like one of them too just by doing this:

  • Download the Partyphile App on the Appstore or Google Play Store
  • Join the AdHoc: Resonance event in Partyphile
  • Answer this question: “Why do your friends have to download the Partyphile App?
  • Tweet your answers with the hashtag #PartyphileAppForAdhoc
  • 25 best answers will be approved to be on the guest list and will get free passes for AdHoc
  • Winners will be announced on the Partyphile Instagram on 6pm Friday, April 24, 2015.


*Editors Note: We apologize if you are offended by the tweets and features we put here. This post is just made for fun. See you at SMX this Saturday!

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