The 7 Types Of People Tweeting about Close Up Forever Summer

It’s that time of the year again for a musical festival that’s all about enjoying our youth, getting close, and staying fresh. Closeup Forever Summer is even bigger and better this year with performances from local and international artists such as indie sibling-duo Angus and Julia Stone, one of the best and youngest DJs in the world — Martin Garrix, DJ Eva Shaw, and also Sinyma, Autotelic, DJ Nix Damn P with Motherbass, and BP Valenzuela. This is all gonna happen on May 16, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds from 2 PM onwards! With that, we listed down a list of people you’ll see on the ~twittersphere~ now that Closeup Forever Summer is just a few weeks away.



1. The Ones Who Got It

– Young and proud, these people immediately share pictures of their tickets on social media in hopes of people sharing the same enthusiasm they have about the event. They probably got their tickets as soon as possible — or as soon as Mom/Dad gave them money.


2. The baes (or feeling baes) of Martin Garrix


Even people outside Manila want a piece of him.


– These are the girls (and occasionally even boys) who feel like Martin Garrix left them hanging since last time he was here. These people are divided into 2 types: the ones who wanna go just because they know Martin Garrix, or the ones who wanna go because they actually know songs made by Martin Garrix. Which one are you?


3. The Finding Nemos

– Just like Finding Nemo, these people are searching for something in life — which is a ticket for Closeup Forever Summer. Unlike the people in number 1, number 3 still lacks funds for scoring a ticket and basically turn into the people in number 2. Oh, and did I mention? They ALL. TWEET. THE SAME. THING. They’re basically this but in human form:

k* If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t get this meme, you’re missing out on life.


4. The Ampalayas

– Come on guys! Sure, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone broke up, but don’t lose hope! You’re not gonna be forever alone for the rest of your life. That’s why you should head on over to Closeup Forever Summer — to get close with someone new.


5. The Realists

– These people ask the real questions here. The questions we’re all too afraid to ask. The questions we need an answer to. Thank you, realists, for prioritizing the important questions in life.


6. The Two-Timers

– So there’s another equally important event coming soon and this person isn’t sure which one to go to or which one he/she won’t regret missing. I would probably pick Closeup Forever Summer over any other event. Why? Hmm, have you seen the line-up of performances? Yup. Exactly.


7. The Heartbroken Ones

– [cue: ‘hindi ko kayang tanggapin‘] These people are the ones who make their Twitter followers aware of the heartache they feel due to the fact that they can’t attend the event. Their tweets get so sad to the point that it makes you sad. A word of caution: the rants may continue 3-5 days after the event’s done. #StayStrongPartyphile #PostConcertDepression


In the spirit of the summer season, we’re having another giveaway promo for the event specially dedicated to number 3,4 and 7s! We have 100 Gold tickets to give out to the lucky Partyphiles, just follow these steps:

Tweet us a photo of your best smile with your party id’s name on the caption and don’t forget to put the hashtags #PartyphileAppForCloseUp and #CloseUpForeverSummer

Make sure you were able to join the event on the Partyphile App and make your Twitter Account public!

See you there, Partyphiles!

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