The 8 Types Of People Tweeting About #NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT

The much awaited tour of 2015 is almost here and a lot of people have been showing their True Colors and emotions about this massive event. Are you one of them? Check out this list of 8 people tweeting about #NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT this coming 8.8.2015.

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5 Reasons Why Imperial Ice Bar Is Gonna Be The Hottest House Of Hiphop And RnB

Nowadays, EDM has been dominating the music scene, becoming so mainstream that it’s been the focus of almost every night clubs and bars every where! It seems like a rarity now to find a venue dedicated to other genres.

That’s where the coolest and chillest bar in the Metro comes in to show us why it’s best the place to be!

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