DJ Suprises The Crowd With This Beat Drop

Watch what happens when this DJ duo drops the ‘beat’ to the surprise of the unsuspecting crowd! You won’t believe what happens next.


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As a DJ, it must be so satisfying watching an entire audience come together as one to enjoy your music. But what must be even more satisfying is collectively trolling the the entire crowd.

DJ/producer duo Mashd N Kutcher had clearly gotten a little bored of dropping the bass and the crowd going predictably wild whatever the beat. So at the recent Good Life Festival in Brisbane, Australia, they decided to punk them!


The duo worked the crowd up into a frenzy and all of them were pretty riled up while waiting for the drop, only to get the opposite of what they were expecting. The audience’s reaction of “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” while the strobe lights keep flashing and one of the DJs hides to sip a drink is pretty great though!

This is, without a doubt, the best possible form of crowd control.

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