5 Reasons Why Imperial Ice Bar Is Gonna Be The Hottest House Of Hiphop And RnB

Nowadays, EDM has been dominating the music scene, becoming so mainstream that it’s been the focus of almost every night clubs and bars every where! It seems like a rarity now to find a venue dedicated to other genres.

That’s where the coolest and chillest bar in the Metro comes in to show us why it’s best the place to be!


app ios

1. IT’S LITERALLY THE COOLEST CLUB IN MANILA ice We know it’s supposed to be the rainy season, but we’re pretty convinced the weather is female, what with it being so unpredictable and moody all the time! So whether it be hot or cold outside, ready your winter wear because the sub-zero degree temperature of this ice fortress is not for the faint of skin. (You’ve been warned!)

2. RUSSIAN-THEMED BAR drink When you go inside the Ice Bar, you really have to heat up any way you can. Dancing and hugging are highly recommended! Or you could  just down a variety of Russian Imperial Vodka Shots! No wonder vodka is a popular drink in Russia. It’s not really for recreational purposes; it’s for survival!


Nuff said.


Those are Kat Dj, Funk Avy, and Ron Poe just to name some. Music is always what gets the crowd together. After being inside the ice bar for too long, it’s time to warm up so pump your fists and shake your booties to the hippest and hottest beats life has to offer! 5. IT’S THE ONLY HOUSE OF HIPHOP & RNB CLUB IN THE FORT Yes Partyphiles, you read that right! On the 23rd of July, Thursday, everyone is invited to celebrate the love for hip-hop because Imperial Ice Bar will launch as The House of Hip-Hop and RnB! Dance to the sick beats of 8 DJs ‘cos everything will be hip-hop all night long! rb A party won’t be complete without any drinks. It’s gonna be open bar from 9pm to 12mn. But we’re also giving away 5 Bottles to 5 lucky Partyphiles! Here are the mechanics:

1. Regram the Imperial Ice Bar launch of The House of Hip-Hop and RnB poster above with the hashtags: #TheHouseOfHiphopAndRnB #PartyphileAppForImperial

2. Join the Imperial House of Hip-Hop and RnB event in the Partyphile App.

3. Invite at least 5 friends to download the Partyphile App using your referral code. You can see your code in the Party Points Tab.

The top 5 Partyphile users with the most invites will win a bottle each for Imperial Ice Bar’s launch of The House of Hip-Hop and RnB on July 23, 2015. – Bottle is non-transferable – Not equivalent to cash – Must be claimed on the day of the event You can check your status here: http://partyphile.com/leaderboard You only have til 9pm on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 before the contest ends. Best of luck Partyphiles! app android

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