The 8 Types Of People Tweeting About #NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT

The much awaited tour of 2015 is almost here and a lot of people have been showing their True Colors and emotions about this massive event. Are you one of them? Check out this list of 8 people tweeting about #NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT this coming 8.8.2015.

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1. The Indecisive One

To go or not to go? That’s usually what these people tend to question. But seriously, how could you even think of that? There’s really only one answer to that question and it has two words: HELL YES!

2. The Desperate One 

These poor souls are pretty different from Number 1 because these ones actually WANT to go there, but still don’t have the means or the funds to buy a ticket. Don’t worry girl! Just sell all those F21 shirts and dresses you have or even some of your H&Ms and soon you’ll be on your way to see Zedd!

3. The Timer

These excited people are the most common type of people you’ll see tweeting about Zedd’s True Colors Tour. You’ll usually see them tweeting about their excitement or posting statuses on Facebook, sharing Zedd’s photos, or even stalking his social media from Snapchat to Instagram. “Omigosh! There are only 2 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes and 47 seconds left til NeverlandManilaZeddTCT!! I can’t wait!!”

4. The Buyer

These fellows have the funds but don’t have the means to buy their tickets. Or maybe they’re just too lazy to go to SM to buy them. We will never know. If you’re one of them, just look for the people coming up next in this list, but beware of the fake ones!

5. The Seller

Ticket sellers are the most sought-after people in the rave industry. Not generally desired since most of them usually add cost to the original price of the ticket, but when the day of the event is almost near, sometimes their prices go down since they become desperate to sell the tickets.

6. The Show-off

Envied by the number 4s and despised by the number 2s, these people are living the good life, just chillin’ at home, counting the days til August 8 just like number 3. “I’ve got a ticket and I’m proud to show it to the world!” Yeah you can have your fun, just remember to blur out the QR codes to prevent reproduction.

7. The Inexperienced

Club party? Really? Then you’ve definitely never been to a rave or heard the words ‘plur’, or ‘kandi’ before. But don’t worry! Ravers are known to be peace-lovers and respectful (thus the term PLUR) and will not hesitate to take you in if you’re gonna party alone. Be a part of Zedd’s army ‘cos you definitely don’t want to miss out on the most colorful event of the year!

8. The Dreamchaser

Truer words have never been spoken. A true dreamchaser knows to pursue his dreams! That’s why they’re called dreamchaser. Do you dream of going to Zedd’s True Colors Tour but don’t have any money? Keep on dreaming and don’t lose hope! Wish and pray hard enough and you might just get what you want 😉

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*Editors Note: We apologize if you are offended by the tweets and features we put here. This post is just made for fun.

We can’t wait to party with you at #NeverlandManila2015ZeddTCT! See you there Partyphiles!

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