Zedd dedicates ‘Stay The Night’ to the Philippines

Last Saturday night was filled with color as international electronic dance music superstar Zedd visited Manila for the fourth time and rocked the SM Mall of Asia Arena for Neverland Manila Presents: Zedd True Colors Tour!


“Hmm, that’s a great question…”, said Zedd during a press conference held before the start of his concert when asked what song of his would he dedicate to the Philippines. He got thoughtful for a few seconds then laughed saying he didn’t know. But finally he said “Well, for tonight, I’ll pick “Stay the Night” ‘cos I’m gonna be sleeping in Manila.” which got everyone in the room laughing. Oh Zedd you’re too adorable!

The 25 year-old Russian-German musician is on the second leg of his Asian tour to promote his latest album “True Colors” which includes collaborations with various artists and features chart-topping singles “Beautiful Now” and “I Want You To Know.”

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“… I realized that all the songs I’ve written were kinda different; and I like that every song was entirely different and to me was a totally different color… that would be a great concept for my album: for every song to be its own color.”

Tickets for this massive concert were sold out but Zedd posted something in his official Facebook account stating that he’s giving away 500 tickets in exchange for either an educational pack or relief pack. He called it the Happiness in a Bag Project. He surely made a lot of people happy and you could really feel the love he has for the Filipinos!

Together with him was his protégé Haywyre, electronic music’s newest Boy Wonder who showed off his incredible skill with the piano, and Australian DJ Callum David as the opening act.


“I will always be coming back as long as people come back to the shows. And I’m really excited for tonight this is one of the biggest shows I’ve ever played and I’m always excited to be here. I think fans know when people ask me in interviews where I love to play I always mention Philippines because it has a really special place in my heart for sure.”

You don’t have to worry about people not coming to your shows because you can always expect us to be there for you! You also have a very special place in our hearts Zedd! The Philippines love you and we can’t wait for your return.

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Relive the clarity of that night through these awesome photos!
Shots taken by Daniel Tan.



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