How PLUR Are You?

Let’s all get united in peace, love, and respect as we live the true meaning of PLUR on this epic night of pure EDM scene!

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PLUR is about finding acceptance in a world filled with discrimination. It is about equality, about never judging another. When we rave, we all love each other, no matter what. We are all united, in a truly peaceful subculture. We all respect each other. We strive for a utopian ideal that will never be fully realized, but for this one night out.

Inspired by EDM-culture, the creators of the highly-successful indie bazaar series, the Manila Sundance Bazaar, JCE Events and Productions is proud to present PLUR MNL – an EDM music festival that channels Peace, Love, Unity and Respect!

PLUR MNL will be held this coming August 29, 2015 (Saturday) at the Metrotent in Metrowalk, Ortigas and is gonna be hosted by the charismatic and charming MC Marga and Roda King and has an epic line-up combining the talents of the best DJs of the local music scene featuring: Deuce Manila, Mars Miranda, Jessica Milner, Marc Marasigan, Katsy Lee, Travis Monsod, Funk Avy, Toons Canoy, Luane De Lima and other surprise performers!


What are you waiting for Partyphiles? Get your tickets now and prepare your rave gears! Because when the bass get’s started it is in that moment that we find true peace, true happiness, true contentment. For it is is our own form of meditation that brings us to a place where we are all family, brought together, and united in humanity.

See you there, Partyphiles! Spread the PLUR!

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