Top Reasons To Head Over House Manila This Coming Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and the Jungle Circuit Party is coming to its last leg for this year. Destination: House Manila! Read more to find out the reasons why you should not miss out on Jungle Circuit Party’s Halloween Costume Ball!

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1. It’s a jungle-themed party!!

Have you ever experienced a jungle-themed party? No? Well now’s your chance! And you don’t have to go to the Amazon or any other jungle out there because this party’s just at House Manila at the Remington Hotel!

2. You can get WILD and CRAZY with your costume


Go all out! Wear a onesie, animal ears, masks, or even that animal-printed outfit we all know you’re hiding in your closet. Be sexy, and be fierce! Because this is the time to unleash the animal within you!

3. The smokin’ hot DJs

Need we say more?

4. The smokin’ hot crowd!

Again, need we say more?

5. You get to be YOU


Freedom of expression! Don’t be shy, express your true self! We’re all equal at this awesome music festival of freedom and diversity! #LoveWins, and our love for you Partyphiles is definitely legit! Just wait around and stay tuned for surprise announcements!

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