10 Types of People You Will Prolly See In Invasion Bacolod

Invasion Bacolod is coming this Saturday and everyone is going bonkers about this electric Masskara Festival party! Here’s a list of 10 people you’ll encounter in this colorful event!

Invasion Bacolod 2015

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Experience a magical world filled with happy people, local flavours, games, art, visual effects, and a live stage of world-class music and cutting-edge production this coming October 17, 2015!


1. The early birds

early birds

Coz they don’t want to miss anything from the best masquerade party in town! They’re always the first to buy tickets, the first in line, and sometimes the first one to get drunk too. But hey, they’re sure to get the best spot so come early too and join them!

2. The selfie-takers

selfie takers

Admit it, we’ve all taken selfies during a festival. Especially this time because you really have to share your #ootd and of course, the experience in the magical world of Invasion Bacolod!

3. The phone-raisers

phone raisers

Another thing to admit to! Some time during a festival, wherever you’re standing, you’d raise your phone and take a picture of whatever it is you want. It’s probably the crowd, or maybe the stage. We won’t stop you though! The DJs playing for Invasion Bacolod are freakin’ awesome! That’s why it would be better if you just put that phone down, and listen to them in the moment 🙂

4. The cam-raisers

cam raisers

Oh God, these are even worse that the phone raisers! Have some respect for the people at the back! And the organizers are not liable if your cameras get lost in the chaos of the party. So be careful!

5. The “Too drunk to function” girl

too drunk

This girl has had enough but don’t you dare ruin her fun! Everyone’s entitled to it and you wouldn’t want to mess with this chick! Why not join with her to make it more fun?

6. The people who are just too happy


Who wouldn’t be happy? You’re in the City of Smiles! Everything is awesome in Bacolod, especially in Invasion!!

7. The hotties


Every festival has them! You’re lucky if you get to bump into one. They may not be celebrities, but if you have the confidence, go and talk to them! Insert a selfie too!

8. People in onesies


Onesies are cute!! DJs wearing onesies are even cuter!



Yes, we know. “That’s not a person!” But we can’t resist! Who doesn’t like food? You’ll see tons at the event which will keep you full and energized; definitely important if you’re going to party until sunrise!

10. The #LegitPartyphiles

Last but not the least are the legit partyphiles! They could be the epitome of every type written in this list (excluding #9 of course)! What differentiates them from the rest is that they are the winners of our #PartyphileForInvasion promo! If you wanna be one of them, join our contest on our Facebook page now!

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