Halloween Costumes Perfect for Assemblage

Unsure what to be yet for the most-awaited Halloween dance costume event in the Metro? Here are some suggestions for all you Partyphiles!


app ios


Be a night creature! Ghost, vampires, or wolves are some of the most common costumes you would see on Hallow’s eve. Join in on the fun and together creep, float or crawl over to Assemblage: The Court of Owls on October 30, 2015 at the World Trade Center.


Zombie costumes never get old. Just look for clothes that you wouldn’t wear anymore, tear them up a little, put some fake blood and voila! You are now a zombie! Don’t forget to moan all the time and go “BRAAAAAAINS” to make it more real


A man in a suit, a woman in tights. Saviors of the universe here to help anyone in need! Pick your hero. Whatever it is, it’s time to man up and choose! We would love to see you at the noble court!


joker male

Heroes would not exist without a villain! What is a court without them villains? A Halloween ball would totally be incomplete without these sultry and cunning villains. Time to make the heroes lives miserable!


If you’re too lazy to buy or make a costume, then these are perfect for you! Think of something ‘punny’, there are a lot of easy DIY costumes out there that are just waiting to be discovered. From left to right, it’s 50 shades of grey, Ceiling fan, and the Ginger bread man. Try going out as Life giving lemons, you’d be helping the people out with their tequila shots!


Oh yes what a majestic creature! Raise your wings and get ready to take flight! Be part of the Assemblage and dress up as – yes, you guessed it – an owl! The owl spirits will surely be proud! Hoot away nightling!

These are just some of our suggestions. In the end, who cares what you look like? You do you! Be creative, be funny, be gruesome, be scary, be sexy, be whoever/whatever you wanna be. Come as you please—it’s your night on the 30th of October! And we are so excited to see your costumes! Ready them now while you still have time!

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Don’t have tickets yet? Well lucky you because we’re giving out 20 FREE PASSES to our Legit Partyphiles! The mechanics are simple and if you’re a veteran Partyphile then you know this contest too well. Just follow these easy steps!

1. Join the Assemblage: The Court of Owls event in the Events Tab in your Partyphile App.

2. Get your referral code (it’s found under the Party Points tab for iOS and the Settings tab for Android)

3. Invite your friends to download the Partyphile App and have them register using your referral code. (The code will be entered once they filled up the necessary info for their account)

4. Invite as many as you can because the top 20 people who gets the most invites on the deadline will get their free pass! You can check out your status here: http://partyphile.com/leaderboard (1 winner = 1 pass)

Take note that we will be tracking all your entries so NO DUMMY ACCOUNTS!

The leaderboard for Assemblage starts 6PM tomorrow night, October 19, 2015 and will end 6PM on October 22, 2015!! That’s a long time to be inviting your friends! Best of luck, Partyphiles! Start hooting!

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