15 Parties You Should Not Miss This Halloween Weekend

It’s that time of the year once again where partying while wearing a costume will not make you look like a total idiot. Get your costume game on because this Halloween is going to be epic!


This year is going to be special because we have to wear our costumes in not one, but two nights this Halloween. Here’s a list of the top parties you should party hop to using your Partyphile App:

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30,  2015 

1.Unite Baguio

High Res Poster

The Lowdown: Unite is the biggest happening up north this weekend, hands down. There’s an open bar from 8pm to 11pm + a Beer Pong Room + a Mystery Closets for singles. 

Why you should go: Because it’s your duty to help Baguio get back on it’s feet from the beating it took from Typhoon Lando and Unite is one good way to help them up. If you happen to be up north on Friday, make it a must to drop by Unite.

2. 7 deadly sins @ Paradis Manila

EEE 7DS Line Up 4.2

The Lowdown: As ironic as it may sound, Paradis, in partnership with Elite Empire Events, will be the home of the 7 deadly sins this Friday. 7 DJs will be representing all your favorite sins as they get you prepped up for the crazy halloween weekend! 

Why you should go: If you happen to be around the Greenbelt Area, it would be a damn shame if you can’t drop by and enjoy at Paradis. Plus, International DJ Jason Dewey is gonna be there to bring madness and chaos in the night!

For more info, follow their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/EliteEmpireEvents

3. Jungle Halloween Costume Ball @ House Manila


The Lowdown: Jungle wants you to channel the ANIMAL WITHIN you. Whether it’s a porcupine, a Komodo Dragon or a freaking dinosaur, you have to freakin let that animal out and go to Jungle because this is Manila’s biggest Circuit Party! Jungle will feature Asia’s most sought after circuit DJ from Taipei – DJ Odin, Brazilian DJ hottie Romeo Cavalcante, and many more!

Why you should go: A lot of oozing hot boys are gonna be there. If you want to see these guys, there’s no better place to go but Jungle! Don’t let this gathering of hotties this Halloween pass you by without satisfying that horny hungry little ANIMAL in you.

4. Assemblage @ World Trade Center


The Lowdown: Just when everybody thought that this Halloween would be really different because of the absence of Cream Halloween Ball this year, Assemblage saves the day! Perhaps the most talked about Rave this Halloween, Assemblage does not need much introduction. 3 international EDM sensations will be blasting your Halloween ears off at the World Trade Center. 

Why you should go: Your streak of flaunting your most outrageous will not end this year because Assemblage is the perfect platform for you to rave and have fun! Seriously, if you don’t drop by Assemblage this Friday; you’ll be missing out on one spectacular Halloween Rave!

app ios


5. Furmalin Monster Ball @ Prime


The Lowdown: The name itself is kinda scary, we know. Crismyx, Chinaman, Mike Lacson, Jade Hartman, YOJ, Krazy J, and Vince Ryder are all ready to bring out your inner monsters, Partyphiles.

Why you should go: Did we mention that there will be 50% discount on all drinks and bottles?

6. Halloween Monster Ball @ Level


The Lowdown: Another party that will try to channel your inner monsters, Partyphiles, is this monster-themed Halloween Ball at Level. Spoiled, Leleng Heart, Madgic and MC Martin will take charge of the beats! Enjoy a bottle of Bacardi for only P999 and 10 bottles for only P500 ’til 11 pm.

Why you should go: ‘Cause only the brave ones will dare to open the door!

7. Freaks and Geeks @ Tipple And Slaw


The Lowdown: Know whether you’re in or out this halloween.

Why you should go: Don’t tell me you’d rather read your favorite sci-fi book!

8. Black Halloween @ Club Haze


The Lowdown: Are you afraid of the dark? Bet you would say “Hell No!”. The Black Halloween is just the right party for you! Club Haze will give you the darkest hours of your Halloween weekend with Marco V., John Sedan, and Ian Sndrz. They have pre-seling of tickets, too!

Why you should go: You’re not a kid no more, there’s no way you’re hiding under your blanket this Halloween! Enjoy the night at Club Haze!

9.Haunted Castle @ Club Royal


The Lowdown: Let’s give a little twist to your fancy imaginary castle. This Halloween, dare to enter a Haunted Castle and join a ball where only royal bloods fit in. Doors open at 10 PM, be sure to wear your most noble looking Halloween costume!

Why you should go: Everyone dreams of dancing in a ball with the royals, give it a little twist this time!

10. Inferno @ Paradis Manila


The Lowdown: This is the perfect party for those who want to have a taste of Inferno. Paradis Manila will make sure you’ll experience the hottest Halloween Party ever, of course with French DJ, Alchemic Storm.

Why you should go: A storm in Inferno? Awesome! You wouldn’t want to miss that right? So here’s the perfect round trip to Inferno and back.

11. Fright House @ House Manila


The Lowdown: Aside from DJ Liz Candy flying from Paris all the way to Manila to give you exciting spins, House Manila will also be giving out prizes for the most creative Halloween Costume. So get ready to extract those creative juices, Partyphile!

Why you should go: Come on! The number one DJ of Paris will be there, why shouldn’t you? We’re sure it won’t take you 12 hours to get there.

12. Scare Wars @ Hyve Reborn


The Lowdown: We know you can recognize that cool creature right there in the poster! Dress up to your best Halloween costume and join Hyve’s Scare Wars. Brooke Evers will take care of the beats to keep you up all night on this Star Wars themed Halloween Party.

Why you should go: You’re excited for the newest installment of Star Wars, admit it! This is the perfect party that will add up to your hype!

13. Zombieland @ Imperial


The Lowdown: We all know the famous Ice Bar of Imperial. This Halloween add a little chill and shiver down your spine as this ice-cold venue house Partyphiles in their most terrifying costumes. Imagine partying with the zombies as DJ Cam Abecina, Jeb Tizon, Acidburn, Rico Arce, and MC ROC give you the sickest beats ever.

Why you should go: If ever there’ll be a zombie apocalypse, you might be able to recognize one of those who you’ve danced with in this party. Who knows? they might spare you!

There’s more! Just show your Party ID to the bartenders and you’ll get a free drink. Awesome right?

14. Space Invaders @ Gramercy


The Lowdown: Recently NASA made a successful space discovery, Now’s your turn to encounter other races in the universe! Be sure to be on 71 Gramercy this halloween.

Why you should go: If you happen to be around the Business District, it’s quite a shame not to be in this party!

15. Night Of Thrones @ The Palace


The Lowdown: This halloween, witness The Palace Manila transform into a different world as they will be having their modern take on the hit series Game of Thrones. Sure you can be, King Joffrey, Jon Snow, Cersei, Drogo, or even one of Daenerys’ dragons. Party with the finest DJs, Quintino will be the main man in Valkyrie, Marc Naval , Kat DJ and Emil Angeles will be giving you exciting beats at the Pool Club. Clubs inside The Palace will be the modern Westeros so don’t get lost. Make sure you read this guide, Partyphile.

Why you should go: Aside from the fact that everybody wants to be in Westeros atleast once in their life, you sure would want to be one of the firsts to experience Revel, yes, the newest spot in The Palace. That’s already a good reason to go to this party, right?

Now, there’s no reason for you to stay at home this weekend! Enjoy the the darkness that this Halloween will bring. It’s time for you to tap on your Partyphile App (or download it, if you don’t have one yet), all of these awesome Halloween Parties are there!

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