6 Gifts You Receive As a Partyphile

‘Tis the season of giving! And sometimes, the gifts you receive best describe who you are! Know if your friends think you’re a certified Partyphile by checking these list of gifts a Partyphile will surely receive this Christmas!

1. Partyphile VIP Cards

As a legit Partyphile, people know that you go out a lot because it’s all over your social media accounts so they’ll probably give you this so that you’ll have an easy all-access pass to get in the hottest nightlife spots around the metro.


2. UV make up, LED shoes, Rave Glasses   

For special events like Raves you need to stand out because a lot of people will be there. So if people know you’re a shuffler they will give you at least one of these and all eyes on you on your next rave.


3. Flask


You need a tumbler for water, and a flask for energy. For a Partyphile, time will come that you are thirsty out of nowhere but you can’t just go leave work or school or wherever you are. So you are lucky if you receive these because you can drink whenever, wherever you are. But secretly lol

4. Alcoholic drinks


This gift is effortless but for a Partyphile, a bottle for a bottle, a shot for a shot, people know alcohol makes you happy so they will give you this without second thought. Maybe a bottle of wine, vodka or whiskey or a case of beer. Cheers!

5. Hungover Mugs


Oh come on! Deny it but we, solid Partyphiles had knockout times where we are pushing the wall and just puking loudly, contemplating our whole life or slept on a sidewalk because we are too drunk to know. But if you’re like that every night probably you’ll have this hangover mugs. Weak! JK

6. Condoms/Pills


Ughhhhhh. Writing this sounds so sexy omg. When you are drunk you can’t control but to feel hot and horny so when things get a lil cocky it means your friend got you for giving you these. Here’s what’s new, after Star Wars’ success every guy wants a lightsaber of their own. Behold, glow in the dark condoms!

So are you 6 out of 6 Partyphile? Enjoy your gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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