9 Tips For an Epic Sinulog Party Experience

Hey! Are you going to join the ever famous festival down south, Sinulog this 2016? If yes, here are some healthy tips you might want to consider especially if you’re a first-timer. (Thank us later after reading! *wink)

1. Be fast!!! People are dying for this event so don’t be too late and left out, book early and get the best offers at affordable rates!


2. Sinulog is absolutely fun! But I bet you don’t want to go there alone, right?? So, bring the whole crew and start taking #SquadGoals worthy photos .

Three girls having fun in car, California, USA

California, USA — Three girls having fun in car, California, USA — Image by © Mark Scoggins/Corbis

3. Dang!!! Unless you wanna get tanned or sunburnt, don’t forget about the sunblock!


4. This is a must! Always keep your valuables safe (especially your partner, there’s a lot of good-looking people out there). Don’t ruin this joyous event with carelessness.


5. It may be a parade but definitely not a fashion show so no need to show off your Prada and Gucci, I swear you don’t want your million dollar blouse stained. Instead, wear some comfortable shirts and sneakers and please, don’t overdress.

© Copyright 2015 Corbis Corporation

08 Oct 2015 — A model walks the catwalk as AMATO HAUTE COUTURE BY FURNE ONE presents it’s Runway Fashion Show as part of Art Heart’s Fashion, Hollywood, California October 9, 2015 — Image by © Jeff Linett/Corbis

6. Holla everybody 2hrs before the event because there will be a bad signal once the crazy Sinulog party starts.

7. Charge! Charge! Charge! Tho you can’t text, you need to keep photos and videos to show off and for the memories of course!

8. Keep hydrated! Please don’t stress the medics, they want to have fun too!


9. And of course, the most important! Be updated with all the Sinulog event parties thru the PARTYPHILE App! Name it, we got it. Partyphile is the best way you can discover & get access to those awesome parties! Download it now before anything else, ayt?

Keep in mind, Partyphiles. Welcome!


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