Welcome To The Club!

2015 has been a great year, and just right before it reaches the finish line new great spots were added on the app!

Be sure to put these clubs and bars on your next year’s “where-to-hang-out-list” because these spots will definitely make you say “This is so 2016!”

For an easy navigation, we’ve listed down the clubs and bars based on their locations, after all Partyphile is about being hassle free!


Bonifacio Global City

Aside from the instant-famous  Venice Grand Canal mall, Taguig’s Commercial Center’s starting to become a must-go-to for an epic nightlife experience. Added on our list are Tipsy pig and Reserve.


Tipsy Pig Gastropub


We’re sure you’ve heard of Tipsy Pig. Yup! the one in Capitol Commons. Right now, Tipsy Pig found a second home at the heart of BGC. It’s the perfect place to go to after a week-long hardwork and stress, really fit for their “Thank God It’s Friday Payday” vibe. Great food, great beer that’s what they have to offer.


Reserve Gastro Tavern

new logo reserve FA GASTRO TAVERN.png

While Reserve Gastro Tavern in Ortigas is taking a break for some renovations last year, Reserve didn’t let you miss them for too long as they’ve opened a new branch in Burgos Circle in BGC. Being known for their themed nights and awesome drinks, Reserve is the spot for the thirsty Partyphiles.


Pasig City

Known for being the then alternative to Makati’s Business District, now the city’s creating a name for the nightlife experience it can offer. Tipsy Pig, Reserve and Nommu are on the top of our list.

Tipsy Pig Gastro Pub


(photo: http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/awesome/2014/01/tipsy-pig-capitol-commons-coolest-hangout.html)

Tipsy Pig’s good reviews online would definitely be the solid support if we say that it’s one of the best places to go to if you want to unwind a little. Aside from their beer everyone’s talking about, this gastropub is known for their big servings on the plated goods.


Reserve Liquor Lounge

new logo reserve FA LIQUOR LOUNGE

Reserve’s wide selection of drinks tops the reasons why people can’t stop from coming back to this spot. Aside from this, people love how chill the place can be, really perfect for those who just want to relax.




(photo: http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/awesome/2014/01/tipsy-pig-capitol-commons-coolest-hangout.html)

Catering for the drinking crowd of Metrowalk Pasig, their food servings are really big and are the perfect partners for their refreshments and alcoholic beverages. They serve not only Japanese cuisine but creatively mixes it with others to satisfy our Filipino palete, fusion it is. Did we already mention that there’s also a branch in the City of Stars, Quezon City. Yup! In Morato.


Quezon City

Aside from being the city of stars and home of the biggest television networks, Quezon City cradles some of the best clubs and bars in the metro in it’s “nightlife avenue”, Tomas Morato. Now on our app, Sparks, Bar 1009, Avenue 75 Sports Bar



(photo: http://www.greedyglutton.net/2015/05/sparks-24h-club-and-sports-bar-pacquiao.html)

Just like what they say, “24 hour entertainment is Sparks”. Sparks is a perfect spot to party, chill and sing any time of the day ’cause they’re open 24/7. Yup! You read it right, sleep is for the weak!


Bar 1009



Pronounced as ‘TENINE’, this bar and lounge is located at Tomas Morato, QC. They also offer a wide selection of drinks and great food, all for a good price!


en Route Distillery



en Route is often described as the all in one hangout spot up north. With karaoke, darts, beer pong, awesome drinks and good food, what else would you look for?



Baguio may be the summer capital of the Philippines, but the hottest bodies can be found in Boracay! The world famous beach is also the home of our newest partner clubs and bars, Epic and Tides.





This dual purpose establishment serves as a world grill by day and beach club by night. Brought to you by the people behind some of Manila’s hottest clubs Encore, Manor, and Republiq. Epic can give you that beach cuisine you’ll surely crave over and over again plus they got New York mixologist David Dennis taking care of the drinks that will quench your thirst, Partyphiles.





Experience a 360° view of the entire Boracay Island on Tides roof deck chill-out bar that has a pool, cabanas, bar and kitchen. I bet you’ll want to be there a little earlier than the usual club time-ins just to witness the breathtaking sunset.



As we launch the newest version of Partyphile app, in which you can now see the additional cities we have, new clubs and bars were also added on the tab. The Queen City of the South will give you the party experience to remember. First on our list, Liv Super Club.


Liv Super Club



Your Cebu experience will not be complete without spending a night at the first and biggest luxury club in Cebu. Be dazzled by their 18 X 24 LED Screen and party with almost 1200 people. Yes, they can accommodate you all.


Welcome to the club, Partyphiles! Download the Partyphile App now for an epic nightlife experience!


Now, what are you waiting for? Plot all these clubs and bars on your 2016 planner, and yeah, just enjoy! Cheers to a greater year, Partyphiles!










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