5 EDM Trap Music We Love This January

Feeling sad and lonely? These new found hype tracks will get your hopes high & ya sure wanna dance to it too. If you haven’t encountered EDM Trap music yet, let us introduce you to its wonderful world. Scroll down & comment which song you love the most! 😉

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Grand Album: Dinagyang Invasion 1/23/2016

Here’s a proof that Iloilo was packed with amusing and beautiful people. A night of music and celebration, a perfect finale to Invasion Tour! Go ahead, save your photos & repost them coz you are now #LegitPartyphiles. Don’t miss the fun on the next event parties, download Partyphile now! 🙂

Photos by: Gabriel de Cadiz

IMG_1764 copyIMG_1964 copyIMG_1563 copyIMG_1608 copy

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Grand Album: Oh Ship! 1/15/2016

Oh Ship!, the party on board en route the biggest party in the Philippines ‪#‎Sinulog2016‬, was the best adventure time for the Partyphiles heading to Cebu! Let’s cruise back to the unforgettable moments at sea!

Photos by: Michael Medina


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Bratpack’s DJ Search is back!

The most promising DJ search in the Philippines is down to its semi finals round with only 9 hopefuls left! From hundreds of talented and determined young DJs in town, Spinister have chosen its stronger than ever top 9.


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Now Invading: Dinagyang, Iloilo!

Next stop for the Invasion Tour: ILOILO! Get ready for a night of music and celebration as we invade the City of Love at Dinagyang Invasion 2016! Hala Bira!

Want passes to this event? Read read read. 😉

iloilo-lineup-thumb-705x470(Photo: spectrum)

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Grand Album: Hyper Wonderland Cebu 1/17/2016

Hyper Wonderland Cebu is definitely the place to be! With all the Hyper Humans, great line up & program showcased for this grand #GlobeSinulog party, what more can you ask for? Reminisce the crazy moments with us thru this photo album! Pit Senyor! #TakeMeThere

Photos by: Jacob Casile Photography

© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography

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Grand Album: Sinulog Invasion 1/17/2016


Who among you partied hard & got yourselves painted at Sinulog Invasion yesterday? This event must’ve been one of the best parties ever! Check out photos of the massive crowd & the amazing show put up by Invasion Tour here! 🙂

Photo by: Jacob Casile Photography

Photo by: www.fb.com/jacasphotographyPhoto by: www.fb.com/jacasphotographyPhoto by: www.fb.com/jacasphotographyPhoto by: www.fb.com/jacasphotographyPhoto by: www.fb.com/jacasphotography


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