Topic-O-Meter: Indicates How Drunk You Are Based on the Topic You Are Talking About

Have you ever been soooo drunk in a club or bar & stories about love, about your personal issues, about the haunting past, about government and or religion are all out now? I bet you can’t remember because you’re either too sober to take note or too wasted to remember. But here are the topics you might have opened during those drinking sessions.


giphy (2).gif

Of course, every #LegitPartyphile opens up rave events as the conversation starter of the night. From music festival experiences to rumours about international DJs coming to MNL to discovering new rave events for the season. This is just typically pacing and taking the first sip of your mug of beer.




You know the alcohol’s already kickin’ in your nerves if you’re becoming cheesy peasy. You start talking about the boys/girls you are dating, the exes you can’t forget, the one that got away, the present you are so much thankful for, the doubting game and the like. When you hear that topic, that’s when you know that one shot of tequila is not a joke.



Yeah, when someone starts to p0int out their parent’s shortcoming, how jealous he/she is about her friend’s new friend, how he/she hates his/her siblings, how loud is mom, how strict is dad and everything about family and friendship issue. This happens when you’ve down 5 bottles of beer or 3 solid glasses of whiskey. You sure are sour-graping half of the night.


giphy (1).gif

Ugh, now you’re a tipsy b*tch. You might want to slow down a bit or you’ll be narrating your whole ancient history soon. You’re that tipsy when you’re laughing about how your three-year old self ate your own shit, how your colds turned into a balloon when you were eight, how losing your virginity felt like, how your ex cheated and a whole lot more stuff buried in the past.


Businessmen drinking shots in bar

Bruh, I see you! Three more shots and you’ll be all gone. Alcohol really makes you an expert. You guys start arguing about how dirty presidentials are, how these senators are not worthy of your votes, you start ranting about your state and recommend your you-think-it’s-genius solutions. I hope you’re not gonna say you’ll be running though.



Farmers Celebrating a Successful Sheep Roundup

Uh huh, everyone’s discussing how ten commandments turned into two, how eve bit the apple, how Cain hates Abel, how Delilah betrayed Samson, you will start comparing this religion to  another religion and next thing you know, you’re on the floor, all black…black out, face palm. Good job, #LegitPartyphiles! HAHA 🙂


Relate? We know you can! Tell us your drunk stories, we are all ears. 🙂


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