Date a #LegitPartyphile this Valentine’s Day!

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Worried about not having a date this Valentine’s Day or are you having second thoughts dating a #LegitPartyphile? Well, doubt no more as we give you six solid reasons why you should get yourself a #LegitPartyphile date this hearts day.

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     Partyphiles, we assure you that although they are naturally party animals they can be as sweet as sugar-coated candy! They are clingy and they always make sure you are having the time of your life with them. Uncomfortable moments? Never. Because that’s the feeling they don’t wanna feel too. And oh, they might give you Roses too!!! Just say you will never let them go.

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COOL     This is a given. Partyphiles are the coolest sub-group ever! Being with them will not make you cool like them but you will be envied and you will feel cool about yourself dating cool people, get it? LOL. They are sooooooooooooooo easy to get along with so it will not be a problem introducing them to your friends and even to your family too.

PROTECTIVE     Yes, you read it right! Partyphiles are protective because they know how dangerous it is going out every night and going home during dawn so if they are careful with themselves they will be extra careful with you. Who knows, maybe they can catch a grenade for you like Bruno Mars, right?

THOUGHTFUL     They will never ever be inconsiderate about how you feel! They will make sure you’ve eaten, you’re OK, you’re not feeling sick at all and most importantly you’re feeling happy and loved. They will make you feel that they are always there whenever you need them and you need their love. You know, when everything is wrong they make it right. LOL

LOYAL     They are as loyal as dogs! Man, God knows how loyal they can be. All eyes set on you, how good is that? And they don’t want messing with their loved ones. So, when you guys go on raves, you will be barred with their protective arms because they want you to be loyal as them.


giphy (6).gif

GENEROUS    Last but of course never the least, they are generous af! If they can buy tickets on different raves and go on every day partying, they can take you to romantic places, festive dinners and buy you the sweetest gifts too. Even if you don’t ask for it, they will give it to you.

What are you waiting for? A little try wouldn’t hurt you big time. Start looking for a #LegitPartyphile date on Valentines Day and enjoy being on cloud 9. Good luck! Much love!


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