Get to know #BratpackSpinister2016’s Winner!

The long wait is over! Last Friday night at The Palace Pool Club, Bratpack finally announced who swam his way to the top. And yes, it’s none other than… *drum rolls* DJ Jhelou! There’s no sinking for this one. 😉



Mark Jhelou Manansala, a.k.a. DJ Jhelou, is an IT student from Angeles University Foundation. After receiving his trophy and prizes, we had a small interview with him and O-M-G, we were surprised to know how humble our spinning hero is! Aside from the fact he can totally make you groove to every beat, DJ Jhelou is confidently impressive with a heart. “The genuine happiness of the crowd makes me hyped on stage”, he said. Legit Partyphiles who were able to witness his victory definitely know this, don’t we? Well, it was actually a close fight between him and DJ Arthur who happened to win the 2nd place.

The party peeps at the Palace started to freak out when last night’s emcee Roda King announced the big plot twist of the competition: total scores were as closed as 87% vs. 86%. Sounds thrilling, right?


That’s why winning the Bratpack Sinister 2016 was like winning the lottery for DJ Jhelou. He was even speechless when we asked him what factor has made him ahead of the game because according to him,prominent skills in terms of disc scratching, trap music and smooth sets are what DJ Roy, DJ Galo, and DJ Arthur have and that he’s really hats off to the three.

DJ Jhelou’s awesome prowess in disc jockeying is inspired by his favorites namely Craze and Ron Poe. Given the chance, he dreams of sharing the stage with our very own Ace Ramos and of course, his idol Ron Poe.


Even though he’s already a title holder of Bratpack Spinister DJ Competition, he still widely opens his doors for improvements and of course, he plans to pursue his career being one of the country’s young great DJ’s today and wants to continue bringing happiness to everyone.

“Keep your feet on the ground and always have respect towards others so that in return, you’ll gain their respect as well” — a remarkable advice from DJ Jhelou to all aspiring DJ’s out there.

Congratulations once again, Mark Jhelou Manansala! And you #LegitPartyphiles better get ready for Summer Siren because this champ is going to get you wild af with his sick beats!


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