8 Types of Strangers You Could Possibly Meet At Raves

Do you still remember your first ever rave experience? Like how the people looked so strange? How the ambiance felt so good? Or if you’re a certified #LegitPartyphile, do you notice how cool are those people you’re having fun with? I bet not, because you always get drowned in the deep sea of fun with them! If you’ve never been into rave parties before, here’s a guide for you. Get to know the various types of strangers we meet and figure out who would be the perfect rave buddy for you!

giphy (7).gif

1) Geek Hotties


Students at day, party animals at night! But hey, you might get shocked to know that they’re one of the dean’s listers in their universities. May it be a brainy chick or a smart varsity player; they never forget to finish their school works before jumping their as*es off.

2) The Shrinking Violet

giphy (1).gif

First timers, introvert, rave virgins – whatever you may call them, their silence could kill the night. The good thing about making friends with them is that, you will be able to develop your social skills by keeping on talking and talking. Well, I hope you won’t have dry saliva afterwards! LOL

3) Mr. and Ms. Congeniality

giphy (5).gif

As far as we know the Philippine election will be on the month of May. But during raves, there are lots of presidential candidates trapped in party people’s bodies! They’re friends with almost all people in the club and chitchat to them as if they’re asking for votes.

4) Early Dismissed

giphy (4)

If you meet this type of strangers on parties, expect they’re the ones who got curfews, strict parents, and worse, they hop to clubs illegally. Admit it, you like it more when it’s forbidden. But here’s a friendly advice from Partyphile: Partying is legal, but lying is not. So better ask permission first, alright?

5) Snapchat Guru

giphy (2).gif

The techie-sometimes-annoying ones! They don’t mind if people get wasted, what’s important for them is they’re able to record that super hilarious Drake dance moves of one of their friends when the DJ played Hotline Bling!

6) Wasted is their Name

giphy (6).gif

Normally, this type of strangers will make you go gaga! One possible reason why they get drunk as f*ck is because of stress and depression. Uh oh, better watch out for your #ootn ‘cause they might spew on it! Eeww!


7) Legit Partyphiles (of course!)


Because they’re so easy + fun to get along with, they are probably the coolest type of strangers you’d ever meet! Whatever kind of party animal you are based on the previous types, #LegitPartyphiles will surely be the ones who will stand by your side all throughout the night! Wanna make the party legit? Be with #LegitPartyphiles and become one!

8) Your Forever

giphy (3).gif

A BIG CHECK! And why not, btw? Stop that drama and lift your hopes high. If it’s doable nowadays for two strangers to date online, then what more for two strangers who are both having the time of their lives? Remember, rave squads are like alcohols – diverse. Thus meeting ‘the one’ is indeed possible! The next time you’ll go into rave events, it’s gonna be one helluva night with your bae!

Kring! Kring! It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and enter the #LegitPartyphile zone where your desire for fun and thrill is achieved! Who knows, maybe the man/girl of your dreams is just a dance floor away. Hmmm, we can never tell!


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