6 Blooming Things To Expect In Panagbenga

It’s the month of hearts and Valentine’s Day had just passed but the flowers of Baguio are still in full bloom for their most-awaited Panagbenga Festival! Here are some things to expect when you’re headed to the Summer Capital of the Philippines!



1. Cold weather, as cold as your ex

It may not snow in the Philippines but Baguio is quite known for its cold temperatures, especially in the morning. Don’t forget to bring some jackets and blankets to keep you warm in the night when no one’s there to cuddle you! (Awww)

2. Flowers everywhere, couples everywhere

Panagbenga isn’t called the Blooming Flowers Festival for nothing! The city gets filled with colorful decorations and flowers everywhere you look, which are embedded in dancers’ costumes, spectacular floats, and guys with flower crowns made by their girlfriends!

3. Overcrowded places

Be conscious of your belongings, Partyphiles because Baguio is bound to get filled up with people as the weekend draws near. Also be courteous and avoid pushing those around you. They’re also there to have fun just like you so try to enjoy it!

4. The most EPIC party series, ELEKTROMUNDO

If you were there last January at Cebu during Sinulog 2016, then you’ve probably heard how awesome Elektromundo was. After being at the Queen City of the South, it’s now time for them to invade the north city of pines! Head on to the open grounds of Spade Superclub, Crown Legacy Hotel on February 26, 2016 to experience this grand street party celebration of Panagbenga Festival.


5. The most EPIC DJ lineup

The flowers of Benguet will be in full bloom for sure and you don’t wanna miss that! You also shouldn’t miss out on this epic night of electronic dance music played by the most sought-after and hottest DJs in town!  Jason Dewey, Katsy Lee, Deuce, Carlo Atendido, X Factor, and Funk Avy will be there to make your night crazy and MC Ace is gonna hype the crowd to keep the heat going!

6. Let Partyphile Take You There!

Tickets are only worth P200 and what’s great is you can buy it straight through us! Yes that’s right, with the Partyphile App you don’t have to wait until you’re at the venue itself to buy your tickets or go to any ticket outlet stores. Just look for the event in the app, join it then pay using your Credit/ Debit card or Paypal account!

Awesome isn’t it? Download the Partyphile App and buy your tickets now! Limited slots only. See you there, #LegitPartyphiles!

For more information, go to their page at World Wide Womb or follow them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/World-Wide-Womb-160184364060716

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