Ditch Those Flights To Laboracay

They say it’s the journey, not the destination. Well, why not make it both? Take a journey with us as we cross the sea towards Boracay on Labor Day weekend!



It’s still a long way before #Laboracay2016, planning to go but you’re in a tight budget? Most flights are either fully-booked or so damn expensive! The solution? A cruise ship! Check out why you should ditch booking a flight and just party with us on board OH SHIP!

1. Your fear of heights

Are you one of those poor souls that have Acrophobia? If you are then the best way for you to travel would be through sea. Let’s just hope you don’t get seasickness, that would be unfortunate LOL

2. Experience an open-air party on board!

So you love to party, but you’re a bit claustrophobic because of all the people in an enclosed area? Well then this cruise is perfect for you! No walls, no confinement, only fresh air with the taste of salt and the fragrance of the ocean. There’s the enormous sea around you, and there’s a hot party on the deck! What more could you ask for?

3. No wasted time, only time to get wasted 


Don’t you hate the hours spent waiting to board a plane, only for your flight to get delayed? You could’ve done a looooot of things in that span of time. At OH SHIP, you can waste your time getting wasted with all the other people on board! Ain’t that dope?

4. Get to meet Legit Partyphiles!


Expect everyone on board to be wild party-goers like you. They should be because they’re the ones who are crazy enough to go to the hottest and biggest beach party in the country! You could even meet your Bora-buddies there!

5. Cheap cruisefare! 


It’s gonna be a wonderful journey and the most unforgettable experience in your life! Book your tickets now through the Partyphile App using credit/debit card or Paypal. Departure is on April 28 (Thursday) 9PM and will arrive the next day at around 7AM which will give you enough time to settle before the weekend.

Return trip is available, option of Sunday or Monday (May 1 or 2), both 8AM departure. All fares are inclusive of the following:
– Accommodations on board
– Travel insurance
– Taxes and fees – terminal fee
– Access to all party areas

So what are you waiting for? #BookIt now and let’s all give our cheer for #OhShipLaboracay!

For more info and updates, follow Oh Ship on Facebook and Instagram at @oh_ship.

6. Get a chance to win a trip to Boracay for 2!

You read that right, Partyphiles! We’re giving away tickets for this epic cruise to Boracay! Just stay tuned on our social media sites for the mechanics 😉
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/partyphileapp/
Twitter & Instagram: @partyphile_app


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