15 Leo x Oscar Win Memes We Love

With the internet jumping on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar 2016 win, we’ve compiled the best memes ever. Tell us which ones are your fave & let’s raise our hands up high for Leo!


  1. Uhm..



2. Practice makes perfect.

3. Even the bear from Revenant is celebrating


4. He’d finally be walking away with that smile on his face

5. For the best transformation ever

6. It’s worth it being on the other side after all

7. When giving Leo an award became a game

8. And it’s party time for Leo in Manila!

9. How about making this more fun, let’s drink!


10. Conceal, don’t feel…

11. Bravo, bravo!


12. Jack upgrades from Rose to an Oscar statue.


13. Struggle is finally over

giphy (12).gif

14. Thanks to the bear?

giphy (13).gif

15. Work it, Leo!!






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