Let’s #MakeItRain in Boracay!

Hydro is stepping up their A-game as they bring their über epic party to the number 1 beach destination in the Philippines this coming Labor Day!

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one! Book your flights now and join us as ‪#‎WeMakeItRain‬ at Boracay this Labor Day Weekend at Hydro Laboracay 2016!

As ‪#‎CuervoLaboracay‬ presents: 3 massive nights of beach parties in collaboration with Jose Cuervo, Jungle Circuit Party, Henann Regency Resort & Spa, Boracay and HYDRO Manila Music Festival! Here are some reasons why it’s gonna be the best!


1. It’s the FIRST Hydro Production outside Manila!

From MOA Concert Grounds to different universities around the metro, now it’s gonna be on the white sands of the wonderful island of Boracay! Be part of this milestone and head on to the beachfront of Wave Bar & Lounge, Hennan Regency Station 2 on May 1, 2016.

2. GET WET without worrying about the deep ocean

Scared of sharks, jellyfish, and other unknown sea creatures? Well you won’t have to worry if you party with us ‘cos with Hydro, #WeMakeItRain! Expect intense rain under a cloudless summer sky

3. Party starts early!

Don’t worry about loading up anywhere else! You and your friends can enjoy happy hour with Cuervo’s different cocktails because at 3pm the party will start and will continue on until the summer sun rises! Don’t get too wasted tho 😉

4. It’s completely FREE!

You don’t have to pay for the entrance fee! You can save up the money for drinks and other fun activities in the beach instead 🙂

5. Enjoy free shots from CUERVO!

Shots! Free shots everywhere! Now that’s the type of party everyone wants!

And with this awesome lineup, who wouldn’t want to come join the fun? These DJs will bring the the already high temperature even higher as they surround us with their spectacular sounds and keep our bodies dancing to the hypnotizing beats ~

It’s time to have an epic celebration of MUSIC, WATER and LIFE! Join us together with #TeamHYDRO and let’s #MakeItRain at Hydro Laboracay 2016! You wouldn’t wanna miss it for anything in the world. See you Partyphiles!


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