10 ZoukOut Ravers You’ll Encounter in Laboracay

Have you booked your tickets already? Because we are down to just a few more days before the first ever ZoukOut here in the Philippines!


Are you excited? ‘Cos these ravers definitely are!


1. The First Timer

The First Timer.jpg

Timid, silent, and shy. They observe everything they see with wonder and awe. A bit culture-shocked, but everyone started that way so welcome to the family! You’re gonna love it here!

2. The Flower Crown Girls

Flower Girls.jpg

Flower crowns were a thing of the 70s but these girls can definitely still rock it today!

3. The Enthusiastic Drinkers

Enthusiastic Drinkers.jpg

Even before the event starts, these people can be seen pre-gaming and getting drunk outta their minds! Be mindful of them, they can be pretty entertaining to watch.

4. Snapchatters


Snapchaaaat! They always have their hands above their heads, making sure to capture every moment that’s happening at ZoukOut to let his/her friends know he/she is present. Their snaps could probably exceed an hour but all you can see are shaky videos, selfies with random people, and maybe even someone puking here and there.

5. The Wannabe Glovers

The Almost Glovers.jpg

Maybe they forgot their gloves, or maybe they just can’t afford them. But those led lights attached to their fingers can almost be a substitute for the real thing. Catch them making hand gestures somewhere in the crowd!

6. Flag bearers

The Flag Bearer.jpg

These are the lucky representatives sent by their countries to attend this very prestigious event! Mostly females, they can be seen sitting on top of someone’s shoulder, waving their flags like crazy, hoping to be captured in the live video screen for all to see

7. Person Who’s Too Turnt

The Person Who's Too Turnt.jpg

Probably the easiest group of people to spot at any rave! You’ll see them dancing and raving no matter what music is on or if there is any at all. Their hair will look like it has been glued to their foreheads, and they will be moving like they’re walking on hot coal. They are very friendly ravers and might hug you if they see you. Don’t be scared, it’s alright to hug back 😉

8. The Dancer

The Dancer.jpg

Ah yes, this person has moves for every song that’s playing! Give ’em some space! They lead the life on the dance floor and turn the rave into euphoric rampage!

9. The Ultimate Groupie

The Ultimate Groupie.jpg

These are the front of rave people, get out of the way! They will bash through everyone on their way just to get near the front of the stage. That feeling of being surrounded by so many souls all dancing, jumping and raving to the same beat and bass drop is the best feeling ever.”OMG Kaskade is next?! Excuse me! Let me through!”

10. The Lost Dude

The Lost Guy.jpg

“Where the hell are my friends?”


Have we left any raver behind? What type are you? We can’t wait to see you all at Laboracay! Buy your tickets now in the Partyphile App or avail of our #PartyphileFestivalPass to get in all the best parties happening at Boracay. See you there, Partyphiles!


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