6 Festival Moments You Wish To Last Forever

It’s gonna be a blast as Close Up brings you the LAST Close Up Forever Summer happening at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on May 21, 2016! It’s definitely #NowOrNever! 

Since this is gonna be the LAST Forever Summer, don’t you just wish that these moments could last a lifetime? 🙂


That time when…

1. You and your squad partied until the sun came up you were basically #SquadGoalz?

squad gif


2. You met that one cutie who caught your eye at the party and got his/her number?


3. You put extra effort into your makeup and outfit to look extra cute, only to look like crap afterwards?



4. You woke up with a killer hangover but you know you had an awesome time last night?

hangover gif.gif


5. You had that intense & sudden rush of adrenaline while partying and you felt like you could do anything?

boat gif

6. You and your squad chilled and had that post-party sesh reminiscing about the crazy fun stuff you did at the party?


Well, you can repeat those moments at Close Up Forever Summer one last time! We’re sure as hell that you wouldn’t wanna miss this party of a lifetime! 

iOS1 Android1

Avail of the #PartyphileFestivalPass in the Partyphile App on its SALE price at P7,000 (that’s worth 12,900 of tickets) from May 20-22! Yep, individual tickets to Close Up Forever Summer are now sold out so this is the only way to get in. Grab yours now 😉


events list_prices (2)

 For inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at 09155190879.

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