Status: In a relationship with Cubanos

Finally, the answer to the age-old question “Where to eat?” whenever we go out is now here! And it is Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina! This utterly satisfying newly-opened restaurant is located at City Golf Compound, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City.


If you’ve had enough of those basic fast food chains and overrated restaurants with expensive food, this one is for you! Here are just some samples of their soul-touching menu.

Their appetizers don’t deserve to be labeled as appetizers, they are like complete meals in and of themselves.

IMG_7011Good Morning Cuba (220Php)
Yas, good morning it is! This dish is a sure win, a combination of their impeccably seasoned homemade chorizo and sunny-side-up eggs, paired with flour tortilla. Bam!  You’ll definitely want more, any time of the day.

IMG_7014Lemon Pepper Wings (188Php)
A hearty Cuban twist on your favorite buffalo wings. Try this perfectly intense wings glazed with lemon butter sauce and a crack of pepper to satiate your hungry stomach with so so sooo much goodness!

IMG_7031Guevarra’s Shrimp (320Php)
Sauteed shrimp on garlic and their very own mixture of spices served with BBQ Popcorn (Yes, popcorn!) is surprisingly good together. This quirky combination is an Instagram-worthy dish to brag on.

PS: Eat the shrimp and popcorn at the same time. It’s a perfect combo that beats your favorite love team.

Cubanos also has a variety of the best sandwiches you’ll ever want in your existence plus it all comes with salty and crispy fries.

IMG_7019Classic Cubano (220Php)
Original cuban sandwich with roasted pork mojo, ham, pickles, cheese and spices are very strong in flavor. Its goodness leaves you dumbfounded.

Cubano Filipino (220Php)
Cuban pan de sal with the twist of the filipino favorite roasted lechon kawali, pulled pork lechon and sweet soy, this sandwich is the perfect marriage of Cuban and Filipino comfort food.

IMG_7038Bulgogi Sandwich (260Php)
Korean-inspired cuban sandwich served with traditional bulgogi strips, machaca beef and caramelized kimchi. Guys, this our favorite. Legit must try, we give it a solid 100 on a scale of 1-10!

Main dishes come with a generous helping of BBQ’D elote and plain rice to perfectly complement them.

PS: Upgrade your plain rice to chorizo rice, ‘cos why not? It’s not everyday you get to splurge anyway.

IMG_7025Peri-Peri Inasal (220Php)
Forget about your typical inasal, this Peruvian inspired charcoal-grilled chicken with a touch of Bacolod’s world-famous inasal is heavenly good from glaze to the bones!


IMG_7026Fidel’s Cuban Ribs (220Php Half Rack | 315Php Full Rack)
This tender ribs coated with sweet and spicy BBQ glaze is everything. Its taste is so strong, it can fight for you. Dang! This is so tempting, you might forget about your diet! Just jog for an extra lap or two the next day.

They also have a wide variety of cocktails, beers and other beverages to partner with their already good food. Our top picks are the Coco Cubana and Havana Sand.

This place is to die for! With all its luscious choices of food to the thirst quenching drinks and its very very affordable prices, you wouldn’t even think of no as an answer. Call all your friends and family ‘cos it’s high time to visit Cubanos Fil-Cuban Cantina at the City Golf Compound, you will surely not regret it! All these goodies are prepared by the two of the bestest chefs today, Chef Rainier Barbers and Jared Sto. Tomas.

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  1. Ive been eyeing this place for a couple of weeks already since i pass by julia vargas almost everyday. Looks good. Will try it soon.

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