5 Things To Do When Waiting In Line For The Festival

Be sure to read ’til the end. #5 is the bomb! 😉

giphy (57).gif

  1. One best thing to do when in line is to make sure you have all your “stuff” for the loooong night ahead. Smartphones, pocket WiFis and handy tissue papers are few of the rave necessities. And! If it’s a paint/ wet party, you can’t get in there without the holy zip baggies! This may sound dumb -but of course, thou shall not forget about your tickets. Yep. Definitely the best time to check everything witchu.

giphy (51)

2.  We all know vanity hits us every freakin’ minute and going around asking “Hey, how do I look” would just make you seem a b*tch. And, wouldn’t it be great to have a before and after photo of you?? Go grab that phone of yours and take a #selfie– Or? Maybe borrow a friend’s phone- then turn it to a #groufie

giphy (53)

3. Feel the beat of the festival. Fist bump with the bass of whoever is playing. And, practice your shuffle moves. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little footwork, some tiny slides and few bounces. Just make sure you wouldn’t be using all your energy.

giphy (54)

4. Sweat could be dropping of you by then. And you might be running out of patience. But hey! It’s just not you who wanted to get in the field and rave your heart out! Nod to the person next to you and befriend some co-ravers. Exchange few questions to ease the awkwardness and expand your squuuuuuaaad

giphy (55)

5. Lastly, spending minutes and maybe even hours in line at every music festival, every party and every club event is likely to happen. But with the Partyphile Festival Pass, you’ll never have to fall in line no more! Your 8000/month gets you access and express entry to all events in the Partyphile App, +3 friends in regular club nights with one (1) welcome drink. How cool is that? 😉


So don’t forget to download the Partyphile App and avail of the FESTIVAL PASS! We just want to make sure that you’ll have the best night of your life!
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