8 Celebrities You Would Love To Party With

It’s always a great time when you go out with your friends. But don’t you sometimes wonder how it feels like partying with the famous people? We’ve listed down some of the top favorite celebrities we think you’ll have the best night partying with in the clubs. Check out who got in the list!


Who wouldn’t want to party with THE James Reid? We recall  the beginnings of James as a shy 16-year-old grand winner of “PBB Teen Clash” back in 2010 up to being one of the hottest stars of today. Imagine him showing off his abs in a club and can still be both a cutie and a hunk. Ooh la la! This Fil-Aussie baby boy would surely make the girls drool and stay pumped up!


The son of the former president of the country is a major hottie! Not to mention, a regular party goer. We might see him in The Palace with a couple of his friends who happens to be a group of cuties as well. Now calm down girls, we know it already. We also wonder what would it feel like if we can dance with him, get drunk with him and get…yeah 😉


Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff..you name it. This is for all the gentlemen that wants to have even just one night with one of the most elite, elegant and beautiful ladies in the metro. Very chic and sophisticated. The ladies of every man’s dream. But don’t get intimidated, you can be an elite too…just upgrade to be an elite member in the Partyphile app! 😉


One of Magic 89.9’s hottest DJs, Pring always make noise in social media especially when she’s on air and people partnered her with Papi Sam YG. Usually boys go crazy because of this chinita cutie, even the same team also bats for her 😉 Joyce Pring is definitely a crowd pleaser with her sense of humor and talent, so maybe downing a couple of drinks with her won’t hurt.

giphy (59)

Miley Cyrus is definitely one of the people you want to party with if you want to have the best night! For the past years, ever since she showed her true colors after Hannah Montana, she has continued to dominate the headlines with her crazy outfits and her “party girl” behavior.

giphy (58)

The “Hotline Bling” rapper is well loved by the ladies of today. Not only is he good with his music, he is also a great buddy to go out with! We dance to Drake’s hits today when we go to the club, just imagine what if you can actually party with the person who’s behind all these hits that are being mixed by the djs? Besides…you and Drake at the couch…laughing and drinking…yep that’s one night you will never forget.


Let’s admit it, they’re the real #squadgoals so becoming a part of it is a big deal. The squad includes Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Lorde, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding just to name a few. Big names huh? Dreaming of becoming besties with them and go to clubs wearing nothing but glamorous outfits. Haaaayy…that would be lovely. And also…imagine all the attention you can get from the hotties;)

giphy (60)

You definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity by partying with the hottest American DJ duo who brought you the track “#SELFIE”! Party hard  with The Chainsmokers this August 19, 2016 at the Mall of Asia Arena! Get ready to dance the night away with their popular tracks “Roses,” “Inside Out,” “Until You Were Gone,” and their newest track “Don’t Let Me Down”!

How to score your tickets? Just avail of our FESTIVAL PASS and get access to not just The Chainsmokers, but also ALL the other awesome ticketed events in the app! And it’s only for P8,000.00/month! Download the Partyphile App now!



Imagine partying will all these celebrity artists! CRRRRAAAAZZYYYY! And when that happens, keep your cool, don’t forget to take a selfie and send it it to us, ‘kay? 😉 #LegitPartyphile

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