7 Reasons Why La Isla Festival Is The Fiesta To Be At

We’re on the halfway point of 2016 – and it’s time to get out of your daily routine! Yeah, tell us about it! From the thesis requirements, countless reports and plates for students, beyond all the demands at work, urgent meetings and client calls for millennials, doesn’t it actually sound right to spend the night with the best music and booze and to forget all those things even for just one night?

On the 6th of August, La Isla Festival will take on Aseana Open Grounds and we expect you to be there- because

1 What best way to spend the weekend, right? Stop answering with sleep because we do know, for once, that spending the night in our bedrooms doesn’t actually feel that right. Dress up when the sun sets and check your contacts for a night-out! Nobody says no to a PARTY. Trust us.


2 Saturdays are usually treated as an on-call day of duty. Reward your week-long productivity by cooling off from all those paperworks! Forget about the pending proposals you need and deadlines! Get LOOSE!

giphy (1)

3 Different festivals are happening on different towns of our country and we surely adore each one of them. Thing is, it usually costs a lot for us to leave the urban life for the weekend. Here at La Isla Festival you don’t have to worry about leaving the city! Dance your heart out and maybe even shout “Pit Senor” as La Isla Festival will be bringing Sinulog to Manila. Yes! No kidding!

giphy (2)

4 Doesn’t it melt your heart when you hear an event is happening for a charity, propaganda, or some public movement? Millennials have been shortly distancing from the traditional aspect of the country and on this night, having fun is not just the only highlight as they aim to rekindle the nationalistic pride of today’s generation. Remember what Rizal once said? “The youth is the hope of our country”

giphy (3)

5 To this day, the legacy of ADHOC lives on from the success of its biannual parties held in Manila. And who else would want to miss another history? UP JMA, the makers of the “biggest and best party in the Metro,” will be doing it again! Witness how EPIC it would be and be part of another history!

giphy (4)

6 Some might say “parties have always been the same,” La Isla Festival, on the other hand, beyond the booze and music is a project of a cultural advocacy which instills the celebratory characteristic of the youth to responsible raving. It’s a matter of getting LIT in all the legal ways! Hellll yeaaah!

giphy (5)

7 And, the best part of it all, you don’t have to think on when to purchase a ticket or even have to worry and go out of your way. Maximize the perks of technology and get access from joining the event “La Isla Festival” thru the Partyphile App! No hassle. And, totally more for you!

giphy (6)

VIP tickets are worth P850 and General admission is for P450 only! Buy yours now in the Partyphile App using credit card/Paypal account!



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