Random Drug Checks To Be Done At Bars And Clubs

Change is coming to a club or bar near you.

As part of the Philippine National Police’s on-going campaign against drugs, efforts will now be directed to investigating and preventing the distribution of illegal drugs at high-end bars and clubs around the Metro. The PNP will conduct random drug checks at the bars in cities like Makati and Taguig. They have also taken necessary steps like coordinating with the owners of these establishments for access and mobility within the venues.

Head of the Southern Police District, Senior Supt. Tomas Apolinario told the Manila Bulletin, “They are there to observe and even use the comfort rooms because as we all know, it is in the comfort room where the party drugs are being passed.”

Apolinario also said in his report in The Stanford that the police personnel would also be deployed during big events like concerts and raves. As a precaution, he said that they will be having drug-testing kits in the entrance of these events.

It’s all fun to go out and drink with friends, but don’t do additional stuff that you know is illegal and bad for you. DON’T DO DRUGS! Music is more enjoyable when you’re really feeling it, without the help of any chemical substances. Raves don’t cause overdoses. Drugs do. So please be responsible in partying.

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