6 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Urban Jam 2016


HipHop is the most listened to genre in the world and it always will be. If you’re a fan, then you would surely love this upcoming HipHop music festival in our country, URBAN JAM! And it’s all thanks to Random Minds Production for bringing us this awesome celebration of HipHop culture in the Philippines.

You have probably heard some things about this upcoming festival. Well, let us give you these 6 amazing facts about Urban Jam to brief you about the greatness you’ll be experiencing on August 27, 2016 at Bridgetown Open Grounds, C5 Road, Quezon City.

1. They’ve collated all the prominent and brilliant names in the HipHop scene in our country today, BLKD / BATASism / Curtismith / Dash / Dcoy – Wakin Burdado /Denmark / God’s Will / KJah / Honourable Kemikal Ali / Loonie / Marga On The Mic / Mike Kosa MasonKaret / Nathan Jay / Protege / PIKASO / Skarm /TATZ /Twengstyle / Zaito Dj Arbie Won / Aryan / Dj Buddah / Selektah Kimozave / DJ MICK MARTINEZ / Paul / DJ Teaze / Red / Kevin and the Father of Flip Top in the Philippines, none other than, Anygma.

2. This is effin’ rare and one of a kind! It’s not like we can attend a HipHop Music Festival every month! Therefore, it’ll probably be solid as f*ck and you HipHop heads need to secure your ticket right now to witness greatness.

3. They are bringing international artists in form of renowed Ski Beat / Skratch Bastid and Bambu. All hail!

4. Mobb Deep is on the list jaw-dropping list, Mofos! The American hip hop duo from Queensbridge, Queens, New York, United States that consists of the mighties Havoc and Prodigy. Dabbed as one of the most critically acclaimed hardcore East Coast Hip-Hop groups will be here! Bow down, mah aces!

5. You’ll experience more than just a festival because HipHop’s 4 elements of the late 70’s New York City renaissance which includes break dancing, emceeing, (rapping) graffiti, and turntablism will be all present. What’s up y’all?
6. IT’S THE FIRST BIGGEST HIPHOP FESTIVAL HERE IN THE COUNTRY! This is solid than solid. Non-stop pure HipHop and whole day of Swaggin’! Holy m*therf*ckin’ cowbells!
What are you waiting for, young blood? Buy your tickets now and join the hype! Don’t know how to go? We always got you, ayt?



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