When Rave & Paint Collide

#PaintLiveRaveRepeat!!! If this is your mantra, then you should go ahead and read. Coz we’re sure you’d want to be in this collegiate paint party!


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Invading Sinulog Like A Boss

They’re coming home! The Invasion Tour is coming back to where it all started; Sinulog Festival in Cebu.

Be sure to have your dance shoes ready, your clothes packed and your flights booked ’cause its Party Time at the Queen City of the South!

Now, here’s a list of things we thought you’d like to know about Invasion:

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5 Reasons Why Imperial Ice Bar Is Gonna Be The Hottest House Of Hiphop And RnB

Nowadays, EDM has been dominating the music scene, becoming so mainstream that it’s been the focus of almost every night clubs and bars every where! It seems like a rarity now to find a venue dedicated to other genres.

That’s where the coolest and chillest bar in the Metro comes in to show us why it’s best the place to be!

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7 Reasons Why Verdict 7 is The Wildest Med-Law Students Party

They say life is one big gamble. Are you ready to raise the stakes and go ALL IN? You never know, you might just get lucky! Verdict Poster Continue reading

14 Places You Can Head-over To This VDay Weekend

So here’s the thing, February 14 brings out a lot of feels for different people. Depending on how well or not well your “lovelife” is doing. Don’t worry, if you’re single and ready (or not) to mingle, we’re giving you the load down on the most talked about pre-valentines and valentines happenings in the Metro!



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