When Rave & Paint Collide

#PaintLiveRaveRepeat!!! If this is your mantra, then you should go ahead and read. Coz we’re sure you’d want to be in this collegiate paint party!


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Invading Sinulog Like A Boss

They’re coming home! The Invasion Tour is coming back to where it all started; Sinulog Festival in Cebu.

Be sure to have your dance shoes ready, your clothes packed and your flights booked ’cause its Party Time at the Queen City of the South!

Now, here’s a list of things we thought you’d like to know about Invasion:

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6 Gifts You Receive As a Partyphile

‘Tis the season of giving! And sometimes, the gifts you receive best describe who you are! Know if your friends think you’re a certified Partyphile by checking these list of gifts a Partyphile will surely receive this Christmas!

1. Partyphile VIP Cards

As a legit Partyphile, people know that you go out a lot because it’s all over your social media accounts so they’ll probably give you this so that you’ll have an easy all-access pass to get in the hottest nightlife spots around the metro.


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Why Asus ZenFone 2 Laser is the Perfect Phone for a Party Goer

Having mobile phone is one of the most important necessity a Partyphile needs. It’s a great way to capture moments, get in touch with your friends (specially if you get lost at a rave) and the most important thing, you can access Partyphile App with it!

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