7 Reasons Why La Isla Festival Is The Fiesta To Be At

We’re on the halfway point of 2016 – and it’s time to get out of your daily routine! Yeah, tell us about it! From the thesis requirements, countless reports and plates for students, beyond all the demands at work, urgent meetings and client calls for millennials, doesn’t it actually sound right to spend the night with the best music and booze and to forget all those things even for just one night?

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17 People You’ll Meet in AdHoc Part 2

Get to know the new set of people you’ll likely meet this coming AdHoc: Limitless. Find out who they are here.


This semester’s AdHoc is set to be the biggest ever once again! This time, we will be anticipating a crowd of around 15,000+ people joining the biggest college party in the metro. Last semester, there were two halls in the World Trade Center that was made available. This time, it’s now going to be 3 halls! Now there’s going to be more space to accommodate more crazy party people!


Also, this time DJ Martin Pulgar and Brandon Jon will be joining the likes of Jason Dewey, Ace Ramos and MC Pao in this epic party. Now it’s time to meet the new set of people you’ll meet this AdHoc. Can you guess who they are?

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