Jack Daniel’s Future Legends Indiefest To Fire Up The Weekend

 Come over and get involved with this one of a kind music event that celebrates the diversity and potential of local independents. Find out what the hell we are talking about and how you can score exclusive invites/ free guest list, scroll down. 😉

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8 Types of Strangers You Could Possibly Meet At Raves

Do you still remember your first ever rave experience? Like how the people looked so strange? How the ambiance felt so good? Or if you’re a certified #LegitPartyphile, do you notice how cool are those people you’re having fun with? I bet not, because you always get drowned in the deep sea of fun with them! If you’ve never been into rave parties before, here’s a guide for you. Get to know the various types of strangers we meet and figure out who would be the perfect rave buddy for you!

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5 EDM Trap Music We Love This January

Feeling sad and lonely? These new found hype tracks will get your hopes high & ya sure wanna dance to it too. If you haven’t encountered EDM Trap music yet, let us introduce you to its wonderful world. Scroll down & comment which song you love the most! 😉

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Why Asus ZenFone 2 Laser is the Perfect Phone for a Party Goer

Having mobile phone is one of the most important necessity a Partyphile needs. It’s a great way to capture moments, get in touch with your friends (specially if you get lost at a rave) and the most important thing, you can access Partyphile App with it!

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