4 things that will get you down and dirty at Levels Incognito

Maroon FM’s done playing easy. This year, they’re kicking it up a notch. Whether you’re gonna start or end your semester right, there’s only one important thing to do: bring out your inner grunge at LEVELS 2.0: Incognito on May 27! You’ll be surprised by the modern twists to this grunge party. 😉

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Grand Album: El Hombre The Last Summer Hangover 4/29/2016

Yep, everyone got drunk on the good life at El Hombre Last Summer Hangover in Boracay! Don’t be shy, keep memories! Go grab your photos taken by our photographer, Michael Medina.


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Rave Event: Sahara Desert Style?!

We are not yet done, Partyphiles! And we will never be as long as you are with us!

We know that you still have hangover from the previous all night raving last weekend but sorry, we just can’t stop like Miley Cyrus! Proudly introducing South Africa as AJMA Shindig presents SAHARA – SURRENDER TO THE STORM. #ShindigSAHARA

12795051_1071585679560909_3403436305125915092_o (1)

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Topic-O-Meter: Indicates How Drunk You Are Based on the Topic You Are Talking About

Have you ever been soooo drunk in a club or bar & stories about love, about your personal issues, about the haunting past, about government and or religion are all out now? I bet you can’t remember because you’re either too sober to take note or too wasted to remember. But here are the topics you might have opened during those drinking sessions.

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